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The light tapped the surface of the ponds like dragonflies. The warmth from the sun made the rocks under our feet glow and emanate heat. The wind hypnotically swayed the cattails and reeds as if they were in a trance. Mosquitoes buzzed, geese and cormorants glided along the water unconcerned with autumn's approach. We were hoping for yellow cottonwoods and dancing aspen leaves. We were greeted with 90 degree temps in the late afternoon light. Planning and preparing for your session is beyond helpful but rolling with the day may be the most important skill yet. If there's one thing this family has taught me over the years (and they've actually taught me so much than just ONE thing) it is that showing up for whatever the day brings and just being there together make the unexpected enchanting.

I turned down a familiar dirt road to meet a familiar family and was beaming (and yes sweating). Not because the weather was perfect. That's never it nor what I'm looking for, but because of the gratefulness and excitement I felt at getting the opportunity to photograph this family again. Repeat clients are one of my favorite gifts. I am gifted the opportunity to see these kiddos and their family members (including furry ones) and notice the things I sometimes take for granted in the daily routine. I get to see how they went from knee-high to a grasshopper to their heads now peering over the tall grasses. I notice how their sisterly kindness blooms and their bond strengthens with the passing seasons. I'm giddy just listening to them chat about things that make them happy this year. I get to do this while catching up with their INCREDIBLE parents who somehow always seem to be even more compassionate and 100% awesome than even I remember.

Some of the things that make these clients, this family, so special are how they love to find different locations for their sessions and look to have photographic memories from different seasons. Boulder County Open Space has so many varied land areas, geology, and environments and I love how they choose different aspects and experiences each time I'm lucky enough to view them through my lens. This particular season we were hoping for that warm autumn feel. The day may have brought summertime tunes looping in my head but there was no mistaking that fall was around the bend in the trail. Something drew me to these ponds, to this location, and I wasn't sure exactly why. When I found a spot I thought we should walk to and explore for their Boulder family photography session, I just felt as thought it was an area we needed to roam. As we looked across the water at the Flatirons in the distance, they let me know that this area held a special place in their hearts. It was a favorite spot of theirs and their wonderful dog that passed on the previous year. I had no idea of this until we reached it with their new rescue pup, Gracie trotting alongside.  I love how random occurrences and plans intersect in unexpected ways and opened up an opportunity to hear more about their previous and current furry friends.

This particular afternoon we got so much more than we planned for. We had endless sunshine and what felt at times like an endless summer. We saw insects crawling, buzzing and flying. We watched Gracie follow the girls and their lead while happily prancing next to them. We dodged cactus, mosquitos and bees. I fully expect this exact date this year to have snow (and t very well could) but that is part of the magic of nature and the unexpected. The best part was there...this family...and I once again was happy to trot alongside them all with my camera, just like Gracie.

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Third Time Was a Charmer- Boulder Winter Photography Session

The thoughts swirl. They come at you headfirst the way the wind blows in your face both directions at the base of the mountains when you run (100% true by the way). You think about it some more. The thoughts creep in at random moments: first day of school, while looking for a shirt and finding one that hasn't fit your kiddo since they were wee ones, and possibly at 2:32am. Everyone thinks about family photos especially while the kiddos are young but often there is so much already on one's plate how do you add another on your to-do list? There's so much, the day, the location, the people, the outfits. It's easier to just wait until next year. Right? Well this family certainly said, "Nah, let's do this!" They didn't do photos just once this past year but FIVE times in multiple states, across oceans and in different countries. This family said yes to now and today and this moment because when it's all done and the kiddos are at college and beyond no one ever thinks back and says, "I really wish I didn't have so many photos of my kids."

Did they do every session with me? Nope. Should they have? Absolutely not! While it may be as shocking as that first snowstorm of the season (please come earlier this year), I firmly believe that different photographers can offer different perspectives in equally beautifully ways. I love seeing other perspectives and when I can see that in snippets throughout one year it is even more incredible to notice what I and other photographers see when we look through our viewfinder.

One of the best choices this family made for their session was to bring Gramps. He is absolutely a huge piece of their family puzzle and getting to include him in this photo session made everything better. Gramps brought the fun in the best possible way just by being there and enjoying time with his grandkids. He was up for anything and made it all more memorable. He made the kids' light up and laugh and me as well. Thanks for being a secret weapon of awesomeness, Gramps!

Honest moment here. This family requested a session in Colorado. Their previous session was in Hawaii so yeah....that's a lot to live up to. How do I make beautiful photographs for them when even groundhogs aren't wanting to check for their shadows? How do I create this when they just had a glorious golden hour session in HAWAII? Answer: I don't. Colorado in winter is not Hawaii and it doesn't need to be. This family already knew that and it was simply I who had to make the expectation adjustment. I kept an eye out but sadly there were no sea turtles and crashing ocean waves at our session. Instead, it was exactly how Colorado is at that time of year. This family knew that it had a beauty all it's own. Colorado in winter is peaceful, quiet and calm. It feels like the mountains and open space exhale and I loved having that ease and beauty to ourselves.

We looked for critter tracks. Our shoes crunched over piles of snow that hadn't yet melted in the brief but beautiful sunshine and I marveled at how this family with young kids just knew. They knew it wasn't about perfection and Pinterest. Family photos don't need to have a theme or a perfect backdrop. All they need is love (thanks Beatles) and you! When you show up and bring your family to play, explore and have fun together in the afternoon sunshine magic happens. I want to be there to capture it. The jumping, and playing, and searching for critters, the falling, the jumping over (and maybe running through) mud puddles and the happy faces staring at their grandparent and loving every bit of time spent together. That's what I love showing up for and what I love about this family. They did that and more. They brought the golden light and the fun of frolicking in the winter sun of Boulder. I hope I captured the beauty in it all.



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Wood, Fire, Water and Steelers Denver headshot photographyprofessional headshot photography in Colorado

Winter can be pretty indecisive here in Colorado. One day we may have sunshine and short-sleeves, the next snow globe conditions with packages of toe warmers in our boots. And of course often we get both in the same day. What many don't know, however, is that it can be a fantastic time for headshots...yes outdoors...yes with unpredictable weather.

When Mike contacted me early this year and inquired about headshots, I have to admit I was uncertain. Not because of the weather and definitely not because of headshots in winter in Colorado, but because I wasn't sure I would be able to create the images he was needing. Just days before, our community had endured a wall of flames, embers and smoke so thick it turned the sky shades of undulating, incandescent orange. So powerful was this wildfire that much like our weather it refused to fit the "typical" wildfire definition and decided to jump the highway and blaze through our town fueled by 100mph winds and parched dry earth. So thick was the smoke that I missed a turn down a street I've turned down for almost 20 years because I couldn't see it or the firetruck just beyond the smoky shadows in front of me. The Marshall Fire was something and affected everyone in our community in a very powerful way. Once I knew my gear was safe and functioning the next thing I needed to know was if I could be the photographer that a client required.

It was then I saw the mountains. They were still there after all. Not just our resplendent Front Range mountains covered in that luminous snow we had been wishing for for months but the solid strength, rock and determination of our community. It was in everyone around me and I knew I would do all I could to create the desired images.

I absolutely LOVE creating headshots for clients. To some headshots might mean stand here, fold your arms and smile. For me, I try to create an experience for the client where when done they think, "Wow, that was pretty enjoyable and unexpected!" I love taking photographs but I enjoy all the preparations and the experience of the photo shoot as well. Getting to know more about my client, their career path and what they are looking forward to in the future are the pieces of the puzzle that I enjoy fitting together most. Mike was not the exception although he did have an exceptional attitude regarding one unforeseen hiccup that day...

The day we met, the day met us with both sunshine and snow on the ground. This meant the light was exceptionally bright and unforgiving. A challenge I was most willing to accept. The light was akin to shooting under fluorescent lights in an 1980's office building bathroom complete with drop ceiling. I see you and your "maybe we are on the surface of the sun right now" brilliance and I was willing to treasure hunt to the spots that would help my client stand out in a professional non-phosphorescent kinda way. As I searched for areas that would give us the light I wanted, I learned more about Mike and his career. It was then I knew this session was perfect. Here I was lucky enough to be at the edge of the Rocky Mountains on a beautiful warmish day photographing someone who not only worked incredibly hard but is obviously loved by his family, friends and colleagues. So many gems among the minerals and mines around us.

As we strolled along the paths rolling by the river, it happened. Something unexpected. Something I hadn't planned for. The Pittsburgh Steelers were in a playoff game and it had gone into overtime! I told you it was an unexpected twist. I did not know when my client accepted the date and meeting time that the Steelers would be competing in possibly Big Ben's final playoff game of his career. As a Broncos fan, my hopes for the season were dashed long before Von Miller headed farther West. When Mike informed me he was in fact a huge Steelers fan, I realized what he was sacrificing for a photo shoot. I implored him to find the game and kept pausing so he could check the score. And yes, I knew two more things:

1. If the Steelers won this photo shoot would probably continue swimmingly

2. My client's expression and attitude may rightfully change a bit if they lost

As a field goal clenched the Steelers win and allowed them to continue their run, the wind picked up as if the mountains around us exhaled. We continued on in that glorious afternoon sunshine, thankful for the unexpected wins that day.

Colorado Headshot Photographer Lindsay Hiatt PhotographyHeadshot Photography in Denver by Lindsay Hiatt Photography. Colorado headshot photographer. Colorado Headshot Photographer Lindsay Hiatt PhotographyHeadshot Photography in Denver by Lindsay Hiatt Photography. Colorado headshot photographer.

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Fireworks in June- Meghan & David's Mountain Wedding Bride and Groom wedding portrait. Bride and Groom wedding portrait.

The time on my watch switches from PM to AM and I realize that in the darkness, lit only by a small table lamp, my face hurts—from smiling. Why? Because I've been editing Meghan and David's wedding photos and just can't stop (the editing and the smiling). I tell myself just one more of the lavender, sea blue and sage-green bouquet and one more of their dog Hero in a bow tie because yes you absolutely need more than two photos of your doggie wearing a bow tie on your wedding day. You know as a photographer when you are excited to go through hundreds of photos and are still smiling while editing them days later, that you are oh so lucky. To have captured the resplendent, magical wedding of Meghan and David in a mountain meadow this summer was a pure gift.

Boulder mountain wedding meadow.

Stepping out of the truck my foot felt the ground give. Soft dirt— no, water and mud enveloped me in a squishy hug with each step forward. The air felt thick and heavy despite our altitude. At over 8,500ft in a Montane forest, I waited. No sound of thunder yet an endless shade of grey above. It had been raining on and off as the hours passed but something more important, infinitely more important than the weather was on my mind. Meghan and David's wedding. They had planned and prepared to exchange their vows high above Nederland, Colorado on a beautiful June day. Would they embrace this actual day and it's unanswered weather questions? Or, would it weigh heavier on their minds than the raindrops cascading gently off the vibrant red paintbrush wildflowers? As I waited and let my mind wander to what I wanted to capture: moments, apertures, emotions, shutter speeds, the landscape, Kelvin temps and of course the people witnessing it all, I paused. It was so quiet, peaceful and beautiful out. I hoped everyone else might see the beauty in it all as well. With the rain brought the seclusion and calmness that might have evaded everyone had it been a typical Colorado bluebird day. There wouldn't be people testing out their new "toys" in the national forest and surely no unexpected interlopers. Nope. We would get these mountains, the meadow, the wildflowers bursting with color and life, the ponderosa pines and the aspen grove all to ourselves. Immediately, I knew this day would be magical.

Boulder wildflowers Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers

Colorado wedding near Nederland, CO As David and his family arrived, that inner peace I felt turned to happiness. The second, the literal second I saw David and met his family at the trailhead, I knew they were good people who would only add to the magic of the day. And, since I pride myself on being a pretty great judge of character, I can happily say that I was 100% correct. They came prepared with rain gear as well as smiles and from that moment on, I was hooked. I knew this day would be special because of Meghan and David. I didn't realize until then, how much more incredible it would be with their families by their sides.

David, his parents and his sister began the short climb up to the meadow while I waited for Meghan and her parents (who were equally fabulous and wonderful) to arrive. As the truck came down the forest service road and the door opened, a beam of light and warmth emanated from within. Of course! It was Meghan. Meghan GLOWED! She was radiant not only because of her stunning wedding gown but because she knew what was obvious to me upon meeting her and David. They are a perfect match. Not perfect people (although honestly, from what I've seen, I think that's a reasonable assumption) but perfect for each other. Their ease, comfort and admiration for each other is palpable. This was a special day, THEIR special day and the enchantment was set in motion.

Colorado wedding near Nederland, CO Colorado wedding near Nederland, CO

Colorado wedding hair details.

Meghan and her Dad walked together up the trail to meet David and their families. They walked past milkvetch, sulphur flowers, Parry's bellflower, penstemon, and more through an aspen grove and then out into the meadow. Minutes before Meghan arrived, David had already begun to smile. He couldn't yet see her but knew that she was on her way. He could feel it and as his smile grew so did the happiness around us all. Once everyone had meandered to the meadow the ceremony began with the roll of thunder in the not-too-far-off distance and the movement of clouds shrouding the nearby mountaintops. David's sister, Patty immediately sensed the preciousness of time (time remaining dry that is) and began the ceremony with a wonderful and hilarious nod to the wedding speech from The Princess Bride. Patty was a masterful emcee and you could feel that Meghan and David were more comfortable having her there with them as a part of it all than if it had been the two of them alone. Patty's intro sparked the laughter that would permeate the ceremony and day more than any amount of raindrops could. And in that moment, the fireworks, in nature and within every person there in that meadow began.

Each parent spoke kind, warm and at times unintentionally humorous words (given the weather) but what shone most brightly of all was the love they all had for Meghan and David. To have their parents there, supporting them both was indescribable. Then as the raindrops poured down from the clouds, the thunder began to feel much, much closer and sparks of lightning illuminated the sky, the beauty and love continued to shine through the words Meghan and David wrote and shared with each other. Their handcrafted, wooden and turquoise inlay rings were exchanged and beneath an umbrella they shared their first kiss together, married.

Colorado Wedding ceremony photography. Colorado Wedding ceremony photography. Colorado Wedding ceremony photography. Colorado wedding ceremony readings. Colorado wedding ceremony readings. Colorado Wedding ceremony photography. Colorado Wedding ceremony photography. Colorado Wedding ceremony photography. Colorado Wedding ceremony photography. Colorado Wedding ceremony photography.

I'm not sure who had the forethought (or a crystal ball) but whomever was the genius that brought a tent to shelter us all after the ceremony, THANK YOU. For the next hour or so as we all huddled under that sweet, dry covering, I got to see and know each and every one of them even more and for that I am grateful. So often on a wedding day, things fly by and moments are rushed but the weather ensured we all slowed down, paused and just enjoyed the day together. There were stories traded, I quickly learned which university to NOT mention and a bottle of very aged champagne from David's grandfather was shared. Their rings passed through a beautiful shawl and thus passed an old Irish wedding test. Love and joy saturated every moment up on that mountain more than any amount of rain ever could.

Rocky Mountain Wedding in Nederland, Colorado. Rocky Mountain Wedding in Nederland, Colorado. Rocky Mountain Wedding in Nederland, Colorado. Rocky Mountain Wedding in Nederland, Colorado. Rocky Mountain Wedding in Nederland, Colorado. Rocky Mountain Wedding in Nederland, Colorado. Rocky Mountain Wedding in Nederland, Colorado.

Once the drops of water began to slow Meghan and David walked out from beneath the tent and then as if on cue, the clouds parted and the sun shone through. I was able to capture David's handsome blue suit and the beading on Meghan's elegant dress and laughed as we noticed her blue shoes had mysteriously changed to a darker shade than before the deluge. The photos of the families were punctuated by even more laughter and as I captured the very last frame for group photos, the rain started up once again. It was PERFECT. The families continued on down the trail where Meghan and David's dog Hero made an appearance. His love for them outweighed his dislike of rain and I was so thrilled to capture Hero in his bow tie with his favorite people. Afterward, they all continued down the road to the Gold Hill Inn for a fabulous meal and more magical moments together.

Thank you Meghan, David, your families (including Hero of course) for trusting me to capture your wedding so full of captivating moments and authentic awesomeness!

Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado Meghan and David's wedding in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado

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Winter Warmth Headshot Photography Boulder Winter HeadshotsHeadshot Photography in Boulder, CO Warm golden light creating a glow and soaking the Ponderosa pines with heat and radiance. Downy woodpeckers searching the forest trunks for a snack while the mule deer graze languidly in the meadow below. This sunny scene might not be what you expect to find in Boulder, Colorado in winter but that is exactly what Lauri and I found on a beautiful January afternoon.

When Lauri first contacted me about a headshot session for winter I immediately wanted to let her know what she could expect. This of course was ANYTHING. It could be 60 degrees and sunny or 15 degrees and a blizzard. There was really no way to predict how the date might turn out until we arrived. We were hoping for some warmth but knew that depending on the hour, we might get snow, sun, wind or all of the above.

Colorado headshot photographer

Luckily for us, the weather had been pretty mild all week. Snow was in the forecast for the following day. Our day came and it looked like it would be brisk but beautiful. When Lauri arrived I knew instantly that not only had we hit the weather jackpot but Lauri herself was a treasure.

When I began speaking to her about her current position with an esteemed healthcare system she gushed. She truly loves her job! She loves not only the work she does but the people she interacts with on a daily basis. I'm going to make a guess that her colleagues agree. She is brilliant, capable, engaging and friendly. Time and time again she spoke about all of the aspects of her career that she loves. This was no standard "it's great" response. I could tell that Lauri loves both the technical and personal aspects of her position and know that a person who is gifted both with emotional and intellectual intelligence is akin to striking the mother lode of personalities.

Lindsay Hiatt Photography commercial headshot portraits in Boulder, Colorado Lindsay Hiatt Photography commercial headshot portraits in Boulder, Colorado

One thing you can expect with your headshot session is variety. We hiked up to outcroppings, through the forest, and across the meadow. Lauri didn't balk for a second when I asked her if she could hop across a semi-frozen stream and through a thicket. Whenever I posed a new opportunity she went for it with curiosity and calmness. I had such a wonderful time getting to chat, hike and photograph Lauri that it was honestly challenging to put my camera away and end the session. Thank you Lauri for trusting me to capture your headshots in Boulder, Colorado, for trudging through ice, snow and some wind and for making this winter afternoon headshot session so memorable!

Boulder, Colorado headshot photography.

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Hazy Shade of Autumn Boulder Family Photo Shoot

Gamble Oak in Boulder, CO

There's a lot to be said about this year and frankly those thoughts have been swirling about in my head more than sugarplums. Yet through it all, I have been in awe. Parents have persevered, persisted and broke trail on new horizons day after day after day. When I met this family for a hike in the foothills and red rocks of Boulder, Colorado I had some expectations. After all, a huge wildfire broke out the day before just north of us and the skies had been filled with ash from the new fire and the ones burning around our state for months. There's that other thing happening this year and with so much heaved upon us all I set out on foot to find the sandstone, the golden cottonwoods and this family of endurance athletes.

Lindsay Hiatt Photography family photo shoot in Boulder, Colorado Lindsay Hiatt Photography family photo shoot in Boulder, Colorado Lindsay Hiatt Photography family photo shoot in Boulder, Colorado Lindsay Hiatt Photography family photo shoot in Boulder, Colorado Lindsay Hiatt Photography family photo shoot in Boulder, Colorado

I should have known. Okay, I did know. Having photographed this lovely family a time or two before I knew a few things. I knew that the parents are undoubtedly driven, persistent, caring, hard-working and two of the most brilliant minds I've ever met. I knew they would come with their kiddos ready to enjoy the day no matter what the skies and would be amazing to work with. What I didn't know was whether or not I could keep up with them (literally) and deliver the types of photographs they deserved.

As their oldest came charging up the trail to me (straight up at breakneck speed) I could see that some things had changed since the last time I photographed them. Finley was a wee bit taller than I remembered and despite his young age seemed to be creeping up precariously close to my height. I made a mental note to stand above him when I could for my own ego's sake and continued down the trail with the crew.

Fall family photography by Lindsay Hiatt Photography Fall family photography by Lindsay Hiatt Photography Fall family photography by Lindsay Hiatt Photography

We ran and played around the autumn leaves and Gamble Oaks and I watched in amazement as the kids made mountain lionesque leaps across the boulders and up vertical inclines. Yup, they both obviously take after their parents in genetics and affinity for incredibly challenging athletic feats. Their parents do things...HARD things. Things like trying to save the environment through brilliant work and tenacity, running 100 miles up and down and up more mountains for fun (totally serious) and are both accomplished Nordic Skiers. Yet through it all they had grace and patience (so much patience with me) and a laid-back attitude that had me making mental notes as to how I should parent in the future. Thanks for the free lessons!

Red Rocks in Boulder, Colorado Red Rocks in Boulder, Colorado Red Rocks in Boulder, Colorado Red Rocks in Boulder, Colorado Red Rocks in Boulder, Colorado Red Rocks in Boulder, Colorado Red Rocks in Boulder, Colorado Red Rocks in Boulder, Colorado

And then it got better because in addition to letting the kids play, run, jump, climb and just be free, they brought out a skeleton arm. Now it was sort of near Halloween so I get that but who brings a skeleton arm to a photo shoot? Um, this sweet family does! I fully expected little Cordelia to erupt into tears when her brother (somewhat) lovingly pet her on the shoulder with the bony appendage. When she turned and saw it she burst....into smiles. Yes, just when I thought this family couldn't get any colder than the breeze they did.

Colorado Family Photographer Colorado Family Photographer Colorado Family Photographer

We went down through the willows, inspected the variations of sandstone, I threw bats at them (doesn't everyone carry around plastic bats in their pockets) and enjoyed exploring the trails of Boulder. Watching the slurry planes fly overhead we were all thankful for the firefighters and all the work they've done this fire season and every fire season.

Cordelia's smile lit up the foothills more than the elusive sun that day and at the end of it all I knew two things: I was ready for a nap and I would be forever thankful for getting to spend a hazy autumn afternoon in the company of so much awesomeness.

Boulder, Colorado Family Photography by Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder, Colorado Family Photography by Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder, Colorado Family Photography by Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder, Colorado Family Photography by Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder, Colorado Family Photography by Lindsay Hiatt Photography


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Hold Your Horses: Boulder Senior Session Boulder, Colorado Senior Portrait Session Boulder, Colorado Senior Portrait Session

Flakes falling from the sky, swirling in the wind, dancing like a dressage horse. Snow in summer? Nope. It was pure 2020. Yes, ash, not snow had been blowing in for days adding a soft orange glow to the sky and that odd feeling that you were at a campfire in your own backyard. Wildfires are not a rarity in the West but ash blowing in from fires miles away for days certainly was. Despite the uncertainty in...well everything this year, I was absolutely giddy with the prospect of spending the morning photographing an incredibly talented, brilliant and beautiful senior.

High school seniors are so much more than what I saw in the Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. They do SO much more and Kiowa does more than most. What struck me was that when her mom spoke of her, multiple times I heard accolades, kind words and fond memories. Not once did I hear anything other than love and admiration for her. Not a single word. This was a parent...speaking about her teenage daughter! Parents who are so proud of their teen even after spending a LOT of time with them during a pandemic means something. I mean, I'm sick of being around myself by the end of the day. But after months of being in this cattywampus world together, Kiowa's family sees her for not only her work ethic and potential but for her dreams and determination. Seriously? AMAZING!

Senior Photography Session in Boulder, CO Senior Photography Session in Boulder, CO Senior Photography Session in Boulder, CO Senior Photography Session in Boulder, CO

Oh yeah and then she mentioned the horses. Nope not horse...HORSES! Yes that was right, I was about to spend a beautiful morning with a witty and fun family and their two horses. My 12 year old self was not cheering on the inside, my (few decades older self) was jumping up and down and cheering audibly...all the way to northern Boulder County. You know when you are a kid and you say something like when I grow up I'm going to play with horses and take photos of them all day? Yeah, it was kinda like that but even better!

I tried to play it cool when I arrived at the first barn but that facade faded quickly. I looked out onto her grandfather's pasture and saw a barn, the mountains and acres of open space behind us. Literally a perfect backdrop for a senior session with horses. Having her session on her grandfather's property with him and her family there made the experience so special. He even brought out an old cart he's had in his family since he was a child and told a story about what Viggo did to another cart when he tried to hitch him to it (spoiler: it did not end well for the cart). 

Colorado senior photography session in Boulder County, Colorado Colorado senior photography session in Boulder County, Colorado Colorado senior photography session in Boulder County, Colorado Colorado senior photography session in Boulder County, Colorado

The first thing I noticed about Viggo was that he was a gorgeous Friesian. The second thing I noticed was his personality. I'm not saying he was toddleresque but hey Viggo knows what he is willing to do and what he doesn't care to do. I heard from a few people out in the pasture that Viggo will not listen to anyone but Kiowa and I can attest that this is the truth. Kiowa could make him walk on, turn and pause. The rest of us? Not so much. Kiowa's way with horses (and especially her horses) is a testament to the hundreds of hours she has spent on her horsemanship and Equestrian skills.

There's a story about Viggo and a reason he looks like very similar to a certain Friesian in Lord of the Rings but you'll have to ask Kiowa for that tale.

In addition to working hard to maintain her horses and her Equestrian classes she competes in, Kiowa also maintains a ridiculously high standard for all her work. This girl not only has plans for her future, but she's had these plans and a plan to reach her goals since elementary school. Kiowa shone through the smoke and the haze of her session and made me want to work even harder.

Colorado senior photo session with horses. Colorado Equestrian Photo Session Colorado senior photo session with horses. Colorado Equestrian Photo Session Colorado senior photo session with horses. Colorado Equestrian Photo Session

At the next barn I was greeted by the smells familiar to any girl who grew up mucking stalls and riding any horse that someone was willing to let me ride. The barn smells. People think I'm joking but I'm not. I LOVE the barn smells. Seriously! It means hard work and fun, long days, sore muscles and dirt in between your toes. It is pungent yet lovely and all it's own.

It was here that Kiowa, her aunt, her mom and dad, introduced me to Bali. When I hear that word I immediately think of a warm, unique and beautiful place. Bali was truly unique and provide a great excuse to take some time to stop and sniff the horses while I photographed him and Kiowa. This paint horse had cowlicks and eyelashes for days and he absolutely adores Kiowa. He would follow her with his eyes and ears no matter where she moved. Their connection and the trust between them was remarkable.

Colorado Equestrian. Equine senior portraits in Colorado. Colorado Equestrian. Equine senior portraits in Colorado. Colorado Equestrian. Equine senior portraits in Colorado. Colorado Equestrian. Equine senior portraits in Colorado.

Alas when it was time for our session to end I regrettably did so. With one last sniff of the barn, the manure, the hay and the haze I finally put my camera down. I looked back at the dust kicking up on the dirt road behind me and smiled as I know without a doubt that happy trails lay ahead for Kiowa.

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Wholehearted Masculine Dan Mahle, founder of Wholehearted Masculine

Lindsay Hiatt Photography, Boulder, CO

Dan Mahle, founder of Wholehearted Masculine Dan Mahle, founder of Wholehearted Masculine

Dan Mahle contacted me recently to inquire about photos for his website redesign. Immediately, I thought YESSSSS! I LOVE helping businesses get their message across and feel confident in the content they are sharing with their potential clients and the world. I thought I was excited about this prospect but what I didn't yet realize was just how thrilled I would really be once he shared his business message, core values and purpose. To say that Dan's business, Wholehearted Masculine, is timely and important is a huge understatement. That's like saying this year is eh...memorable.

Imagine growing up being told by those closest to you (family, friends, peers) and society that there is A WAY and only ONE way to be a man. That masculinity is this and only this, that you need to prove it constantly in front of others and to yourself? I'm guessing that for most boys and men, this narrow view is confusing and restrictive. It's easy to feel like if all the messages say you need to do things a certain way, that, if you feel it in your heart differently, it is going to cause a lot of emotions. And...well for many guys, emotions are not a "thing" to share. Dan's mission and purpose assists men (and companies seeking a well-rounded, functional and inclusive work-force) how to break down these stereotypes and learn to be more inclusive with their selves, lives, businesses and each other.

Wholehearted Masculine founder, Dan Mahle. Wholehearted Masculine founder, Dan Mahle. Wholehearted Masculine founder, Dan Mahle.

Sage in Boulder, Colorado

One of the greatest things I've noticed in this squirrelly year, is that people are thinking about a lot at things, really noticing things. It's an awakening of ourselves both within and within society. There has been a huge shift to recognize and act upon how society treats each other and how we treat our own self. This is leading to an immense amount of change and that change can be really, really challenging to navigate alone and not particularly enjoyable. Dan Mahle is able to coach, guide and assist others who are seeking a change and does so with not only knowledge but compassion and empathy. After spending time with Dan I realized that having a facilitator like him for big life changes is crucial to offer the support that we all need at times. For example, if I had known Dan long ago I might have finally given up wearing Umbro shorts years before Y2K as my official everyday uniform of choice. But alas, Dan has bigger, larger goals than wardrobe changes and anyone who works with Dan will surely see his business as a huge catalyst for positive change within yourself and how you see/interact with others.

Dan's knowledge and expertise allows him to work well with both men seeking an one-on-one experience as well as companies hoping to integrate his program within their own business. What was apparent to me in working with Dan was just how passionate and committed he is to helping men heal, grow and thrive in their personal and professional lives. The more Dan told me about Wholehearted Masculine and it's mission, the more excited I became at the realization of how many men he can impact in a positive way.

Lindsay Hiatt Photography business branding photography

Boulder, Colorado with Lindsay Hiatt Photography Lindsay Hiatt Photography business branding photography Lindsay Hiatt Photography business branding photography Lindsay Hiatt Photography business branding photography

But enough chatter from me, here is what Dan, himself, had to say about Wholehearted Masculine:

Wholehearted Masculine is a global movement to activate and support the rise of wholehearted men by sharing our stories, questioning cultural norms, and exploring the power of healthy vulnerability. We are committed to building gender equity, courageous leadership, and shared-power for positive change in the workplace and beyond.

Why do this work: Today, men all around the world are co-creating a new story of masculinity and discovering who we truly are by exploring the power of healthy vulnerability. We are actively working to heal our wounds from the old story of masculinity that has left many of us emotionally shut down, sensually deprived, and too ashamed to discover our true power and purpose in the world. We are leaning into our fears and celebrating our failures as we discover what it means to live a life of deep connection, purpose and fulfillment – as wholehearted men. We are redefining what it means to be a man in the 21st century, starting from within our own hearts. Join us.

Our Services:
*Training: We help teams build gender equity and healthy masculinity into the heart of their culture.
*Coaching: We partner with leaders and executives to support them in navigating complex culture dynamics.

Our Core Values:
*Courage - We act with integrity even when we are afraid. We lean into vulnerability.
*Acceptance - We hold ourselves and others with love and respect, viewing our flaws and failures as opportunities to grow.
*Accountability - We are honest with ourselves and others and seek to listen proactively. We take responsibility to repair relationships as needed.
*Interconnectedness - We recognize that we are in this together and we are committed to building a world that works for all.
I'm not only thankful for connecting with Dan and hopefully helping him get his message and mission across but for learning that there are people like him in the world. Wholehearted Masculine truly cares about helping men and society reach new heights and levels of positivity in the world. And especially in a year like this, how cool is that?
Wholehearted MasculineWholehearted Masculine seeks to help men develop a wholehearted view of masculinity in Boulder, Colorado Wholehearted MasculineWholehearted Masculine seeks to help men develop a wholehearted view of masculinity in Boulder, Colorado
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Winter Wind Twin Sister Photography Family photography with teenagers in Colorado. Winter family photography session in Boulder, CO

Present. The winter wind makes you present. You are acutely aware of it's presence. You can feel it as it drops your core temperature, makes your hair swirl and conducts a symphony of motion with the trees, grasses and the snow that has already landed on the ground. It isn't one of those events that you might miss. When you feel it, you know it. It literally breathes life into the world like a giant exhaling from atop the nearest peak.

While the spring winds are usually greeted with smiles, the winter wind's reputation is more of a surly, grumpy one. There seems to be an awful lot of winter wind blowing around the world lately and we were met with it's presence (okay actually it quite literally almost knocked me over when I stepped out onto the trail with my camera). Here we were. It was time for a lovely family who had taken the time to make time for a lovely day together in the mountains to discuss an alternative location. Colorado family photos.

Boulder County Family Photos Boulder County Family Photos

I had it all in that moment. I had us at a beautiful location. I had a family who exudes beauty, kindness, fun, joy and love. I had them here standing in front of me, bracing against those 40mph+ winds and I had to talk to them about how our friend the wind was really trying to put a damper on this experience. Things like this happen and I'm here to tell you it's OKAY! Life happens. Expectations are made and reality can become wind shears all around us, and at us. It can sneak up on you and when you turn your back to it, WHAM it shifts and greets you right in the face yet again. But, this family, this LOVELY, WONDERFUL, FUN, AUTHENTIC family, didn't turn and run or spit into the wind (that would be a not so great choice), they went with it. They knew it would eventually pass at least somewhat and they knew that they wanted to face this together. So we brainstormed, we problem solved and we absolutely sat in our cars while doing so because come on....that wind.

Lindsay Hiatt Photography photo session with sisters. Lindsay Hiatt Photography photo session with sisters. Lindsay Hiatt Photography photo session with sisters.

We decided to try a different location, one with very different views, a very different environment but one that was lovely for providing some shelter and a different perspective. I can honestly say that I loved, loved, LOVED this session. I loved seeing the family come together, choose to be together and work together as a team to enjoy their time together as I captured some memories. I had a lot of ideas of how these fabulous twin teenagers, their parents and their fluffy pup Louie would act but I was blown away (yup) by how resplendent they were. These sisters were dazzling and sparkling with their energy, their light and their authenticity. They wanted to be there. They wanted photos together, seriously they did! I felt like I had won a contest, the lotto, a vacation with this family. They were so patient and kind even when I kept saying, just one more photo (which I said at least 10 times). Honestly I loved photographing them all so much, the challenge was in putting my camera away.

Alas, they finally convinced me to do so and the wind, it calmed down just bit more. And I wanted to get just one more shot in that moment but I was thankful for what these girls and their whole family had taught me. The wind will blow, sometimes unexpectedly, sometimes in a warm hug but you can't choose when or where. You can choose how to embrace the wind and the experiences life throws at you and sometimes when you persevere together, you can find beautiful moments in the chaos and the calm. I am SO thankful that they chose me to capture their memories and these moments and I love that today the sun is shining and that seems to be taking a restful nap. Sibling photography in Colorado Sibling photography in Colorado

Sibling photography in Colorado

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland Family walking through the snow in Colorado

Colorado children's photographer Colorado children's photographer

Breathing in the ice crystals, the chill filled us to our core. Breathing out was to witness C02 in motion. Dancing like a child in The Nutcracker, each breath we exhaled was swiftly taken away by the breeze...okay truthfully strong gusty winds. The sun shone brightly and played Jedi Mind Tricks with us all. How can it be so sunny and yet so breathtakingly cold? The juxtaposition of sunshine and winter's arctic temps was a common one back in the day.

Long ago, perhaps last decade, winter was upon us. It greeted us along with trick-or-treaters on Halloween, and dumped so much snow aloft the Colorado landscape just before Thanksgiving that the ski resorts danced with delight. But skiing was not on my mind that wintry day. I was thinking about how to capture multiple generations of a fantastic and fabulous family without anyone obtaining frostbite, or Frosty the Snowman status.

Extended family photo shoot in Boulder, Colorado Extended family photo shoot in Boulder, Colorado

The cadre had trained for this day (or perhaps not). Either way, temperatures in the teens, along with the heaviest snowfall the Boulder area had seen in years, greeted us all upon the mesa.  I was prepared for us all to acknowledge the obvious: it was really, really cold; really, really windy; and really, really snowy. I was prepared for this family to say "peace out until summer." But I was not prepared for them to all willingly go along and hike through it all to capture a few moments together forever with such grace, patience, and humor.

We plowed on across the vast landscape, heading west toward the mountains one step at a time. I was reminded of the prospectors and dreamers who trudged through the blizzards to find gold and a home not so long before us, and was thankful we arrived here by car and not horse and wagon. Together this family persevered and allowed me the honor of photographing them in a truly Winter Wonderland. They were kind, patient, and incredibly wonderful to work with. They reminded me of what a family truly is: a group of people connected and sharing moments (some exceptionally memorable) together. That was more beautiful to witness than even the radiant, snowy land.

Lindsay Hiatt Photography extended family photos in Colorado Lindsay Hiatt Photography extended family photos in Colorado

When the youngest kiddos arrived, I immediately thought about how my own children would have reacted to the statement of: Get dressed up! We are going outside in 18 inches of snow while it is 12 degrees out and taking photos! Ooh and we are hiking in it too! (Spoiler: hooray would not have been one of those words). But these girls, these girls brought their A+++ game and were a pure JOY to work with. They listened, played, and smiled and were so memorably beautiful to work with. I could not have felt any luckier to work with the entire family! As the sun began to dip behind the highest peaks and the wind continued to visibly force us to our car, we knew it was time to retreat to the comfort of our heated cars.

Louisville, Colorado family photography

This new decade arrived with spring temps partying all January, until today. Today, winter has finally returned. I thought in the quiet of the moonlight I heard the mountains shake and laugh at our 70+ degree day just 48 hours ago, while the snow clouds enveloped us in a marshmallow world once more. Looking out upon the once again soft, quiet, and oh-so-beautiful land where the plains meet the Rockies, I smile and fondly remember this family and am so thankful they frolicked in the snow for some photographs, memories, and frozen toes.

Davidson Mesa photography by Lindsay Hiatt Photography

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Boulder Lilacs Bloom  

Boulder Lilacs Boulder Lilacs

Boulder branding photography

I asked her to tell me her favorite. I ask this question often. I ask this because I am genuinely curious. Which one did they LOVE? Is it the same one that struck me? Is it a completely different one for a reason I hadn't yet realized? The answer isn't what I'm looking for. I really want to know the why. Why did they pick this one? The answer is always different as each session and each client are unique but I never tire of hearing the answer and I always, ALWAYS love the why.

When I photograph a family or an individual, an event or the natural wonder of our world, I always feel a connection with the place, the moment, the client and the experience. I'll admit that to this day, when I deliver a completed gallery I have butterflies in my stomach. Part of me is so excited to share my work and their photographs and yet another little bit is the flutter feeling of melancholy. Throughout the process of creating, planning and bringing an idea to life, I build friendships and relationships with clients that to me is worth gold. I love the back and forth sharing of ideas, visions, locations, weather reports (always the weather) the actual session and then the countless hours of editing, perfecting and re-editing until I know in my heart and with my eyes that your gallery is ready. As I click send on that email to notify you that your gallery is complete, I often hear Boyz II Men singing It's So Hard to Say the moonlight outside my window.


For a majority of us (over the age of 5) it is challenging to answer the question, "Which photograph of yourself do you love the most?" Many of us squirm at the thought of having that camera lens pointed at us, let alone choose one that we like...of ourselves. Gasp! So when Heather responded with multiple choices for different reasons, I was not only thrilled but in awe. She is one of the bravest, wisest, strongest, most honest, beautiful, talented and hilariously smart women I've ever known and getting to hear her speak her truth with grace and honesty is inspiring. Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder headshots Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder headshots Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder headshots Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder headshots

Heather is a jack of all trades and a master of ALL. Seriously. This is not a joke. There is no fake news on the Heather Network. She can and has done it all. The first time I met her I felt intimidated because she is one of those people that when you meet her you know she knows what she is talking about. And then when you see that she is there to help you and is nice about it, you are stunned. It's like when you get to the Grand Canyon and look over and are like OMG! The Grand Canyon! It's so...GRAND! She's not all pomp and circumstance. She is every woman. Beyoncé will step aside and let her by. It hasn't happened yet but I know if she sees her, Beyoncé will.

So when Heather asked me to help her with some new headshots and branding portraits I was eager but intimidated yet again. Could I live up to her standards? Could I help her see how much she shines? I tried my best. She brought out the best in me and I can only hope that she knows that whichever portraits are her favorites they are because of her and who she is. She shines. Shine on Heather keep shinin' on.


Boulder, Colorado photography and headshots by Lindsay Hiatt Photography. Boulder, Colorado photography and headshots by Lindsay Hiatt Photography. Boulder, Colorado photography and headshots by Lindsay Hiatt Photography. Boulder, Colorado photography and headshots by Lindsay Hiatt Photography. Boulder, Colorado photography and headshots by Lindsay Hiatt Photography.

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Tis the Season A family of five. Lindsay Hiatt photography. A family of five. Lindsay Hiatt photography. A family of five. Lindsay Hiatt photography.

Tis the season to be jolly, excited, and curious. And if you are a young child you might also be preparing for the holidays with anticipation and wee bit of eagerness. No matter what festivities your family celebrates, it is time for kiddos to ask the big important questions: Will this be the year we finally achieve world peace? Will I get the shiny new thing Target just made me realize I really want? How many cookies can I sneak before anyone notices? and Why does my tummy feel funky after only eating 10 cookies?

This autumn season I was gifted the joy of seeing not one but three INCREDIBLY intelligent, witty, and lovely little girls experience the glee of just being around each other on a crisp, chilly fall afternoon. I've photographed this family back when they were a family of three, and then four and it amazes me now that they are a family of five how their littlest love fits so incredibly perfect into their family. It feels like she has always been a part of it even though she's only gotten a few months of livin' life under her belt (well under her footed pajamas).

In Lyons, Colorado, we meandered down by the river, played games around the trees ablaze with color, explored their incredible garden, swayed in the breeze and played and played. For me, it was a chance to capture the beauty of this age and this season that their family is in and preserve it as these seasons and moments evolve. And we experienced the unexpected such as when the family learned upon my arrival that their brand new truck was a few inches (approximately 3) too long to fit in their garage. Did they turn me away and send me downriver? Nope. They realized that they had just received extra storage space. It's like an addition to their house just appeared...without all the construction. It's the magic of the season some may say.

As the wind blew the leaves that still clung vibrantly to the trees and the water flowed with that beautiful sound, the girls giggled, ran and played. I observed in awe (but remembered to keep shooting with my camera). THIS family is what families strive to be. Together with their varied energies, personalities, ages and stages. All intertwined and connected. They are each a fundamental and unique part that makes up one of the most fabulous families I've ever known.

Now some may be feeling uneasy or even queasy thinking about scheduling and experiencing a family photo session. Will ALL of us have to be there? What if it snows in October (totally happens). What if we wear our cozy winter outfits and it is 75 degrees that day (also completely possible). What if my child, spouse or I don't smile and prefer to look at the camera like Colin Firth the entire time? Well let me just tell you there are SO many things I love about full family photo sessions in and around Boulder, Colorado. But seeing as we are getting toward the end of the year, I'll name just a few highlights. After all, tis the season.

Lindsay's list (abbreviated) of her favorite things about family photography sessions in Colorado: 

1. They are really, really fun! No seriously. They really are. Instead of feeling the pressure to get everyone to smile or some version of everyone looking directly at my camera and flashing their pearly whites because we only have 15min to "get that one perfect shot" you get to relax a bit. The smiles will come but sometimes not in the first few moments and it is okay because we have the time to explore and let your true selves shine.

2. It gives us the time to capture everyone's personality and capture the essence of your family. Your family is awesome and your family is its most awesome when you can enjoy yourselves and the experience. With an 1-1.5hrs of time reserved just for you, you get to breathe and do that. There's no ticking clock, no pressure to perform. It is your time to just be there together.

3. Variety. I don't know about you but I've yet to meet any human that has strictly one personality trait. Having a family photography session means that I get to capture your family together as well as your kiddos doing things they love to do which means you get more genuine memories to remember. When my oldest son was about 10 months, he started communicating by pointing and saying (okay close to screaming) da-dah!!!! at EVERYTHING. I mean that finger pointed at planes, motorcycles, and random people unknowingly walking by. He did this every day for a couple of months and I thought it would never end. Until of course he suddenly stopped doing it and never did it again. It's amazing now when I look back at photographs with his finger pointing to something lurking just outside the frame, how I'm instantly transformed back to that moment that I thought would last forever but was over in a matter of months. Those are the memories I want to capture. The ones that fade with time from memory but not from a photo. 

So as we flow into the new year with new experiences to be had, think about that photography session that you've been wanting to do, meaning to do but haven't. Your family is perfect right now with all of your traits and quirks and personalities that make it yours. If you'd like to learn more send me a note at Lindsay Hiatt Photography

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Sunshine on Our Shoulders Roxborough State Park Family Photo Session Roxborough State Park Family Photo Session

We hang onto the things which we know are fleeting. Sometimes we don't realize it until years have passed and when we do we cling to it like a barnacle to a ship, a two year-old to a parent's leg at bedtime or a tongue to a frozen flagpole. Autumn in Colorado is certainly one of those things. In August we are pining for it. The days that hover around 70, the aspen leaves becoming a brilliant gold and the sun shines down on us all as if to say, "Hey! I'm only going to do this for a day and then it will snow tomorrow so enjoy it. This is awesome!"

Family photo session with Lindsay Hiatt Photography Family photo session with Lindsay Hiatt Photography Family photo session with Lindsay Hiatt Photography

And you really can feel it. Everyone knows the magic of winter holidays but fall has a magic that is as unexpected as it is fleeting. Thankfully, Colorado families can feel it coming, "comin' down that railroad track". But it isn't an Orange Blossom Special. It's those golden aspen trees and bluebird skies. And when my incredible families decide to have a photography session during the autumn season it always brings surprises (possibly snow or 80 degrees or both in 24hrs) and a chance to not only capture the magic of the season but the magic that is in each and every family, every day. 

Often, once our littles become not-quite-so-little family photos get put on the back burner. But this, my friends is one of my favorite seasons (figurative not literal...okay both) to capture you and your family. There is something magical about the time between toddlerhood and the realm of teenagers. It's a time where kids quite frankly are perfectly kids. They have this growing wisdom which they can begin to articulate alarmingly well at moments (Mom are yoga pants still yoga pants if you are going to the grocery store while wearing them?) But the magic of childhood is not lost on them. This family fits that stage, that age, THIS moment so well...magically.

Watching these sisters show me their found treasures whether a bug crawling down the path or new rocks they picked up to inspect before returning them to their rightful place back in nature, there were moments this family took my breath away. Okay...some of those moments happened when the girls skipped down the trail ahead of me (in boots no less) and I scampered after them with my lens but other times they instantly reminded me that the magic of nature and being outdoors is always there, no matter your age. One only needs to pause their watch, open your eyes and breath it all in. While our role as parents is to teach our children many things, I am astounded at how often it is I who learn from so many kiddos. Roxborough State Park Family Photography Session. Roxborough State Park Family Photography Session. Roxborough State Park Family Photography Session. .

Skipping, strolling, pausing and running down the meandering trails on a stunningly beautiful afternoon at Roxborough State Park, was a perfect way to capture this marvelous family in their element: exploring, enjoying, and discovering the beauty of nature and their family...together. As we continued on, trying to capture those last rays of sun warming up the dirt, the rocks and our shoulders I was enchanted. This family is is pure magic by just being themselves, just as they are, on a beautifully ordinary fall afternoon.

Family photography at Roxborough State Park in Colorado. Family photography at Roxborough State Park in Colorado. Family photography at Roxborough State Park in Colorado. Family photography at Roxborough State Park in Colorado.

Family photography at Roxborough State Park in Colorado.

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Happy Trails and Tails Family Photo Session in Boulder, CO

As the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up, you could feel it in the air. This was going to be different. Sure there was sunshine and wind and 5 minutes later it was completely cloudy. But if there's one thing I know about Colorado weather, it is that it keeps you humble and reminds you to have patience. The weather was changing every few minutes but this is nothing new. What I was looking forward to was the group meeting me at the trailhead. There was a spot I was hoping to get to, quite a bit further down the trail. Could we make it? Let's see, there would be 2 adults, a 5 year-old and a 1 year-old. Oh and they were bringing their two dogs both of whom have had major surgeries and a combined 24 years of experience walking the trails of Boulder on four legs. Obviously the answer was yes. Because this wasn't just a family I was photographing but one that takes adventure to a whole new level.

Outdoor lifestyle photography in Boulder, Colorado Outdoor lifestyle photography in Boulder, Colorado

Down the trail we went (well actually mostly up the trail) and with each curve of the rocks and with the grasses swaying in the wind, we were one step closer, not just to a spot that is gorgeous but to having an experience. We spent that afternoon on the trails looking for critters big and small, finding treasures (and some poison ivy) and surprisingly no snakes this go-around. I loved it all!

An early fall photo session in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with a young Colorado family. An early fall photo session in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with a young Colorado family. An early fall photo session in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with a young Colorado family. An early fall photo session in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with a young Colorado family. An early fall photo session in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with a young Colorado family. Family photos in Boulder, Colorado

Back to adventures. When I say I'm going on an adventure it typically means attempting to survive the grocery store with two young kids and my sanity still intact. When this beautiful family goes on an adventure, they are most likely backpacking (with their 5 year-old carrying his own pack) 5 miles into the wilderness for an extended camping trip, working hard to protect our natural resources and planet, or going for a run in the mountains that will last 100+ miles (no that is not a typo). You know... regular things.

As we worked our way further up the trail I hoped I could keep up with the kids and dogs and tried my best to not sound winded. I barely pulled this off and somehow managed to make it up and back without a stitch in my side or falling down (too much). Success!

After some photos up and around the foothills of Boulder we headed back toward the trailhead. It being fall and Colorado this meant there were many other photo sessions happening that day...especially senior portraits. Finley studied many of them as we passed and then spontaneously decided that he too wanted senior portraits. After all, kindergarten is the new senior year...before 1st grade. With rocks and water, trails and mountains, we came, we hiked and we prepped a 5 year-old for his senior portraits just a few years away.

Lindsay Hiatt Photography family photo session.

family photography in Colorado family photography in Colorado



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Best Friends and Family: Boulder Photography Boulder Family Photography and pet portraits in Boulder, Colorado Boulder Family Photography and pet portraits in Boulder, Colorado Sisters in Boulder, CO

Often, especially in Boulder, your first love is furry. No not our loved ones who may forgo a razor for a few days of backcountry camping but the canine or feline type. There are more dogs than children in Boulder but there are also plenty of felines in families (not just the mountain lions at the edge of the foothills). It can feel like an obvious next step in life: college, become a pet guardian, find another human who enjoys/tolerates the fact that your life kind of/sort of revolves around your new four legged companion, etc. Unfortunately, when time seems to speed up so quickly that you blink and all of the sudden your family member is 16 you realize that getting a few photographs of everyone in the family is pretty darn important. I LOVE that when this family reached out to me to photograph their two little girls I was also able to capture a few frames of everyone: human, feline and canine.

Having found my "firstborn" at the amazing Boulder Humane Society years ago, I still remember seeing Buckley for the first time. As my husband and I took him out for a short walk around the grounds, I immediately knew two things: 1. He was a tad bit wild (he was 10mo old at the time) and 1. He was perfect. These words, coincidentally, can also describe our two boys. It was with these thoughts and all the memories and moments that I shared with Buckley that reminded me just how special and unique our animals are.  I kept these recollections and emotions in mind as I attempted to find one elusive kitty and capture her for a moment with my camera. It may have involved coaxing, crawling and a fast shutter speed but it was 100% worth it.

Lindsay Hiatt Photography, family photo session in Boulder, Colorado Lindsay Hiatt Photography, family photo session in Boulder, Colorado Lindsay Hiatt Photography, family photo session in Boulder, Colorado Lindsay Hiatt Photography, family photo session in Boulder, Colorado

The last time I saw this lovely family, Mama and Dad had just welcomed their second daughter earthside earlier that morning. Yes I was honored to photograph baby Stella on the day she was born and was thrilled to get to see the entire crew once more. Some days in our lives can seem monotonous but I swear I turned around to sneeze and boom: Stella was now one. This of course was super strange because I still remember seeing her big sister Lilah for the first time when she was still in her Mama's belly (okay uterus) and I'm pretty sure I was still in my 20's just a minute ago.

Family of four photography session in Boulder, CO

Boulder Family Photography Family photography session in Boulder, CO by Lindsay Hiatt Photography Family photography session in Boulder, CO by Lindsay Hiatt Photography Getting to capture this family multiple times over the years has truly been a gift. Getting to catch up, see this young family grow and become even more incredible with each passing year is something I cherish. Each time they allow me to bring my camera along to capture where they are and exactly as they are I'm reminded why I love photographing families and cultivating relationships with clients. It's for moments like these. Ones that keep me up editing into the wee hours of the night because I just can't stop. I'm so excited and thankful and want to keep bringing these moments to life in photographic form for families just like this one. They are unequivocally magical, wonderful, real and lovely in every way. Family photography session in Boulder, CO by Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder Family Photography


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Sunrise, Boulder and Brooks: Boulder Family Photography Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder Family Photo Session Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder Family Photo Session Lindsay Hiatt Photography Boulder Family Photo Session

Smiling upon the plains and bathing the mountain peaks in that golden glow, the morning light has a different feel. It's eager, radiant and envelops the entire world...just like a toddler in the wee hours of a new day. Yes sunrises are so much like a two-year-old. You aren't exactly sure what that first light will bring but you are certain it will be spectacular, unexpected and most certainly capture your attention. I absolutely LOVED getting to do a recent summer session not too long after sunrise with a fantastic family near the foothills of Boulder, Colorado.

Often with toddlers they bring their A-game first thing in the morning. They aren't exhausted from their great big job of constantly figuring out everything about the world. They are eager to explore but seem to appreciate the quieter time on the trails. As I met this beautiful family and their absolutely adorable little boy, Brooks, I knew immediately that our time together on the quiet trails and among the cottonwoods and cows would be special. How? It was apparent in all they did and how they were together as a family. I could see instantly how much they love their little boy. And the feeling was reciprocated tenfold. He was eager to say hi to the passing doggie hikers, investigate tiny bugs and marvel at the beautiful blooming chicory, knowing that his mom and dad were right there experiencing it all with him. His beautiful eyes beamed with happiness when he watched his parents and it was easy to understand why. Brooks knows that as far as parents go, he has two of the best! Thank you so much for walking among the wildflowers and grasses at the base of the foothills on a beautiful summer day made even brighter by your family being there.

Boulder Family Photography Session near the Mesa Trailhead Boulder Family Photography Session near the Mesa Trailhead

A family photo session in Boulder, Colorado with Lindsay Hiatt Photography

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Summer, Summer, Summertime: Boulder Family Photography Boulder Family Photography at Davidson Mesa Boulder Family Photography at Davidson Mesa

Summer, summer, summertime. A wise man once said these words...or was it a Fresh Prince? In any case, these words seem to pop into my head often as the days grow longer and the sunsets more spectacular. When the night starts later and the bats fly just above me I think about magic. Not the rainbow sunset kind but the kind that happens daily. If you think about it, it is pretty magical that bats are gulping up thousands of mosquitoes and it is magical when snowmelt becomes rushing creeks and rivers. It's also magical when a little girl turns two and the only thing she really cares about, is that Mama and her Daddy are close by. I've seen it, this sort of everyday magic that isn't as in your face as a spectacular Instagram post but is a million (or billion times) more enchanting if you truly see it for what it is.

Louisville, Colorado family photography session Louisville, Colorado family photography session

Once upon a time oh let's say about two years ago, a little girl was born. Though like many first time Mama's she wasn't sure that her little babe would finally get here. And as I saw her waiting, I remembered the words my prenatal yoga teacher said to me, "I've yet to see someone stay pregnant forever." And so, like those wise words, this beautiful little gal was born. You can prepare for your impending arrival by reading books, taking classes, and visualizing but the magic that is your child is that it doesn't matter what you expect, they will be just as they are. Some things may be as you thought but often they aren't. After all they are their own little being with their own personalities even if they don't quite realize they have hands yet. And the hours and the days go by and you haven't blinked (or slept) in forever and then it happens, they are 2. And the magical thing is they just keep going up and down, and many days in circles and backward but magically they change. You see them every day and yet how did it all happen? They once couldn't hold up their own head and now they can't stop running. They once couldn't say a word and now they are learning to speak in one (or TWO) languages. How magical is that?

Davidson Mesa family photography session. Davidson Mesa family photography session. Davidson Mesa family photography session.

We often think of magic as something unexpected but seriously, how could you prepare for how much you could love someone that poops incessantly, sleeps (ha!) sometimes, and makes you feel more emotions at once than you ever thought possible? How could someone so tiny change your life forever? And yet they do without any trying. Now that is magic.

When I met this brilliant little girl up on the mesa the light was....yes you know what I'm going to say. And we noticed and appreciated the beauty of the light and the way the temperature changed a few degrees in a few minutes but I noticed so many other things during that beautiful summer sunset. I noticed how this little girl couldn't take her eyes off her Mama and her Daddy. She was transfixed by them both. Whether it was her daddy running around being silly and making her laugh or the safety of her Mama's arms, this little gal sees magic every time she looks at her parents. I saw it myself.

When the sun dips just behind the mountain peaks and it glows it's beautiful light, I'm thankful to get to experience the beauty. But whether we have storm clouds, sunshine, sunrises or sunsets I hope you always see the magic I try to capture within each and every single family in front of my lens.



Lindsay Hiatt Photography Family Photo Session Lindsay Hiatt Photography Family Photo Session

Toddler photography, Boulder, Colorado

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Home on the Front Range: Grow & Gather Design Grow & Gather DesignA landscape design project near Boulder, Colorado

Beyond the flowing waters of the St. Vrain in the town of Lyons, Colorado lies a house. Yes a home on the range...the Front Range. Here, where bears and mountain lions play and laughter and music float down the river all summer long. A house whose front yard has undergone a metamorphosis. Once it was merely a patch to walk by but now, it is a setting to pause at. It has changed my perception as to what a front yard could be. This space has transformed into a natural playground where the entire family can play and garden. For a hobby that can often be wild and unwieldy, now the garden has order, space and beauty. Thanks to the expert landscape design of Becca Robinson with Grow & Gather Design, it is now a place for kiddos to grow and gather their own bounty, and a spot where chickens can roam freely (as long as the mountain lions and critters aren't too near).

Becca has a passion, the knowledge, and ability to help you transform your yard or public spaces of all sizes into a place filled with joy and life. By using science as well as artistic design, she creates an oasis of nature and beauty. Form AND function from concept to natural wonder. After seeing her transformation in person I was enchanted...and immediately began dreaming of a transformation for my own yard. Her landscape designs have captivated cities and private homeowners from Kitchener, Ontario (where Grow & Gather Design resides) to the foothills of Boulder County, Colorado.

As I wandered around the circular centerpiece, I noticed so much life around me. The flowers were abuzz with bees; the children were busy watering and searching for frogs and the vines climbed high towards the summer sunshine. As the breeze shook petals and chickens strolled, I thought of how beautiful it all was and what a stunning backdrop it made for photos of chickens... and a family growing and gathering out in their own spot of nature together.

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The Sunshine State- Central Florida Travel Photography

Florida. Stepping onto the jetway I felt it immediately envelop me. It wasn't quite like a tackle from a four year-old when you are finishing that last sentence of an email and his patience has subsided. Specifically, it was my teenage nemesis. The one that thwarted every effort I put forth, hopelessly clinging to my dreams of slick, straight hair while living in Central Florida as an adolescent. Yes, humidity. But this humidity was different. It was almost imperceptible to anyone not coming from the dry air of Colorado but just enough to make me breathe deeper. I knew at that moment I had at most 48hrs before my hair realized where it was and I was determined to make the most of it. I was also thrilled for my dry, cracked hands that are a constant for me in Colorado as soon the air would surely give way to hands that would soak in the sun and any small amount of humidity with joy.

Azaleas in bloom, Winter Park, FL

Everyone knows for thrills in Central Florida, the theme parks are where the magic happens. But if you slow down and step away from the crowds you can find a different type of treasure in Florida. The magic that is the flora and fauna of an ecosystem unlike any other in the US. Black bears hide under palmetto ferns and armadillos scurry across the dirt roads. If you are lucky enough a Florida panther just might leap past you silently late at night when you are out too late down by the dock shining for gators. To me, no time is Florida more charming than when "winter" fades and spring blooms. The love bug season has not begun and the palmetto bugs seem as though perhaps they are on holiday. The azaleas have begun to show off and the breeze turns warm. I LOVE this time of year in Florida and getting to experience it once again after a much too long hiatus made me giddy.

My time here would be brief but I would make the most of it. I attended the wedding of one of my best friends from high school and saw friends I hadn't seen in many, many moons (somehow none of them aged even a minute). And if I planned well, I would have a bit of extra time to spend out in nature, enjoying Florida in a way I just couldn't when I was a teen.

Taking one afternoon to visit Winter Park was like dipping my toe back into a pool of time. I'd lived nearby before and always loved the town with it's beautiful homes, cordial attitude, incredible museums and endless places to eat, drink, and explore. But I never paused before to take in the beauty of the lakes, the way the moss swayed in the springtime breeze, or listen to the egrets building rookeries among the thick branches of cypress trees. As I sat among the southern giants in grass that seemed impossibly green, sand filled the spaces between my toes and I walked along in sandals smiling at the sunshine and the Sunshine State.


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Stella by Starlight: Boulder Fresh 48 Session  

Stella was born by starlight in the early hours of what was to be a warm and bright, sun-drenched day. Being able to photograph this spectacular family getting to know one another a mere six hours from when she was welcomed into the world was a gift. It was a day that will always bring joy and warmth to my heart.

Walking up the very steps that I had taken four years ago (but in a very different way) was familiar. My son was born here and to be back seeing the newborn experience through a different lens was thrilling. Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville, Colorado gives new mamas and their families such a supportive and welcoming space that it was hard not to tear up remembering my experience while thinking of the excitement for this new little one (okay...I definitely did tear up).

Stella's family isn't just any family. I honestly think of them as extended family (without the actual family connection). I've been honored to photograph this family for previous sessions, including their older daughter's adorable 1st birthday session. I was over the moon to be asked to photograph them all at the hospital on the day Baby Stella was born. There was so much love emanating from everyone that it was not surprising to see how calm and peaceful Stella was. She knew her family rocked from the moment they held her in their arms. Stella's mama was so strong, beautiful and welcoming that more than once the thought popped into my mind: How in the world did she literally JUST have a baby? And Stella's dad was just as full of love and admiration for his newest, littlest love. Stella has a good thing going on with her family and she seemed to know it. Photographing a NEW newborn is literally a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That morning, Stella saw her parents for the first time, met her mama's mama and fell in love with her forever best friend and older sister Lilah. That newness and everything about it may fade but hopefully these photographs will keep those memories of the first few hours of her life warm in the family's hearts and minds. Thank you, THANK YOU for welcoming me and allowing me to capture Stella on the day she was born.

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We Are Family Mommy & Me Photo Boulder, Colorado

Photographing families is a joy. Photographing families and including their extended families is an even greater gift. Half of these family members traveled from across the country and multiple time zones just to hike around in the mountains and foothills of the Colorado Rockies. Actually, they were also visiting and celebrating their adorable grandchildren, which means it made the experience 1,000 times greater.

It didn't take long into our session before something struck me. It wasn't a golden aspen leaf or a rock splashing into the chilly Coal Creek waters, it was how much this family loved being together in the moment and sharing the experience together; with their grandchildren. There was so much joy and love between the kiddos and everyone that it made the light that much brighter, set the cottonwoods and aspen trees aglow and the downslope breeze just a wee bit warmer.

We found many gems that day on one of my favorite trails, but what I still remember is how much those little boys lit up when they captured a glimpse of their parents and grandparents. Thank you to the families to bringing me along to capture such love and joy and put a little Sister Sledge in my head on repeat.


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Fairy Tales & Boulder Family Photography Boulder Family Photography with TeenagersA family with teenagers for a portrait session in Boulder, Colorado

It is always the wind. More than the sun or snow; it is the wind. That almost ever-present force of nature. Giving me beautiful shapes and movement to capture. The wind is not a wild horse. It cannot be tamed or trained. It is unruly, beautiful, powerful and sudden. Much like humans and some may say much like children even as those children get closer to adults and far, seemingly lightning years away from that newborn stage.

I remember being a teenager, it wasn't that far, far away. It was just last century. What I remember most was how visceral everything was. Not just for me but for everyone in my world. I cannot imagine what it is like today with social media. I do know that teens in this century must navigate the storms and sunshine with much more intelligence and forethought than we did and for that they have my admiration.

As I met this family of four on that windy and crisp November afternoon, the first thing that I remember was how excited I was that they met me here. Here, up on a beautiful mesa with the Colorado Rockies not too far away. Many families make sure that those first years are documented but as kiddos and responsibilities grow, it gets harder to capture these moments in front of a camera (that isn't immediately on Instagram). I love this family and I love that they let me peek into the awesomeness that is them.

In fairy tales there are stories to tell and in real life too. I hope in these photos you can see the twins, together as sisters and with their unique personalities. They are intelligent, and radiate both inner and outer beauty. I hope you see their Mama, so wise, patient, kind and full of gifts. And their dad, who has a wonderful and hilarious presence and had a great attitude about everything during the session.
They could all be in a fairy tale. Each one is beautiful, funny and capable of the extraordinary on an ordinary day. But thankfully for us, they are real and as their stories continue to unfold these next few years, I hope I can capture them again for a few moments on a not quite so windy but just as beautiful day.
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Rainbows, Camping & Bears Oh My Grand Teton National Park There is a fork in the road and a certain Robert Frost poem in my mind. Instantly I choose the road less traveled but for different reasons. There are two options for our campsite this evening, one filled with views and one with quiet (or a bit more quiet as it is a site in a campground). Usually we choose spots more dispersed but because of the active grizzly cubs and mamas around the area, camping in an actual campground is perfectly peachy to me. In an act of not-so-bold reasoning, I figure the more popular site with the views is already full so down the road we go.

To our amazement there are multiple sites still available. We are obviously not in Colorado anymore and are cheering our Wyoming good-fortune. Feeling brazen we decide to head back up to the second campground for maybe our luck will continue to grow.

I am not a gambler. Okay I'm a gambler with a $1 betting limit (as in total amount I will play) in Vegas. But feeling confident that there are still many options available even if the other campground is full we head onward and upward. I'm driving the truck and feel excited and nervous but not nauseous (I get car sick very easily as a passenger on curvy roads). Luckily our kids seem to have inherited my husband's stomach of steel in addition to his handsome good looks and exceptional logical mind. We drive up the dirt road higher and closer to beautiful towering pinnacles and hopefully the site where we will pitch our tent and rest our heads tonight.

There are 12 sites and four are still available. "Luck be a campsite tonight!" I sing in a voice more distant from Sinatra than he could have ever dreamed. The sun is shining and the magpies are squawking as we pull into our site. It is THE ONE. No one else is around or at least visible. The boys bound out of the truck happily ready to explore. I crack open the celebratory sunscreen tube for everyone. We are a jolly bunch. Soon, however, things becomes eerily quiet when we realize that while we have enough food, blankets and clothing to appease even the finicky kiddos, we have neglected to bring one important piece of camping equipment. The tent. When we announce to the boys that unfortunately we will not be spending the evening at this spot, one of them suggests that all is well and we can just go home and get it. After applauding his problem-solving skills I remind him that home is about 10hrs away. The nearest "real" town is Jackson which is about 2hrs away.

Immediately I'm quite conscious and hear the universe exclaiming, "TEACHABLE MOMENT!" So with more cheer than Santa I announce that we are having an adventure already and how exciting it is! After some dazed and confused looks from the boys, we hop back into the truck and head west. Where will we sleep tonight? I don't know but it is going to be so exciting to figure it out! It will be somewhere new and west of here! Yee-haw I (almost) yell.

Thinking and driving, driving and thinking we head towards Grand Teton National Park in hopes of eventual cell service and a plan. Finally a bar pops up on my phone and I call the lodging reservation desk for the national park. Everything has been booked months in advance but I'm hoping they can at least tell us where other lodging areas (that don't require a tent) may be scored for the evening. After being placed on a long hold a cheerful voice announces that minutes ago a cabin in Colter Bay had a cancellation. Would we like it for the night? Yeeessssss! I have no idea where Colter Bay is but we are going there now! It turned out to be an absolutely wonderful experience in the Grand Tetons. There was a fox den with baby foxes nearby, grizzlies had walked by the cabin earlier that morning and we ended up with a cabin AND a bathroom. No need to ever test my luck in Vegas again, we struck gold. It was the beginning of a road trip with more adventures than we anticipated and memories we won't forget.

As we headed north through Yellowstone, we saw wolves. Then, there was that bear...a wee bit too close to our new tent (acquired at a K-Mart the next day), rainbows dropping into a lake and more rainbows on the ground as the magical geysers and springs sprung steam and scents skyward. We finished off in Montana and a trek back to a place my family used to call home. So thankful that forgetting an integral part of camping equipment let to adventures we couldn't have planned.


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Earth, Wind, & Sky Fire (Boulder Family Photography)

Once upon a time not too long ago, the wind whipped down over the mountains, and the sun shone brightly as it danced between the clouds. The light beams jumped in on the game and changed colors, as if to say it could be a rainbow without the rain or bow. And the Earth had so much energy, movement, and life that you could feel it. You could feel it so much that it ALMOST knocked you over. And it did pop that giant balloon and it did blow a bit too much life into our hair at times, but it felt great! Through it all, a little gal walked and laughed and looked at sunflowers with the inquisitive nature that only a one year-old can have. All of these things put together with two of the most loving, and wonderful, parents I've ever known resulted in a photo session that I will remember and cherish for a long, long time.


Little Liliana had just turned one and seemed to know it. Even though the wind was too strong at times for the nearby wind turbines to run, she took control of the evening, exploring and adventuring in the wind like and old pro of perhaps age 4. Whether she was sitting in her grandma's chair among the native Colorado grasses or flying in between her parents, she was living in the moment and I was loving it. The way her mama and dad could make her giggle with delight made my heart melt even as the sun dipped lower behind the Rocky Mountains.

Liliana is a lady on a mission and knows what she wants. And this is AWESOME. Although she had only recently taken her first steps, the 30-40mph winds were simply an accessory to work with and she turned into wind to walk closer to a flower that had captured her attention. She is beyond adorable and loved so very much, not just by her incredible parents but by her incredible extended family as well. With love on her side, and passion in her heart, this little one WILL go places in life. A huge thank you to her parents, who not only braved a late evening to capture the sunset, but for also braving the elements and going along for the ride the wind took us on. When you mix a magically wonderful family with sublime light, you get one enchanted evening.

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Dancing at Davidson Mesa Davidson Mesa Louisville, Colorado Family Photography

If I were to walk out to the middle of a mesa in Colorado and start dancing, a few things might occur. In addition to frightening any small critters due to my lack of rhythm, the flowers might strain to look away while nearby humans would surely give puzzled stares. Similarly, if I made airplane wings with my arms and began to launch myself in a spiral as I head off on a mission, I can say with great confidence that the responses from the flora and fauna would be comparable. This, my friends, is the magic that is being a young child. You can do these things and SO much more! And, not only are you probably going to get some praise for it, you will look adorable while doing so.

Dancing on Davidson Mesa, family photography near Boulder, CO


Young kiddos truly understand what is important (snacks, exploring, and experiencing the present) and these two were no exception. I love how excited they were about TALL GRASSES! RUNNING! (to and away from their parents) and finding adventures in the Colorado outdoors. I'm not sure what it is about Colorado families, but somehow I luck out every single time! I could not have wished for a more fun and relaxed afternoon. This family had such an easy way about them and it made everything even more enjoyable than I had even hoped for.

Earlier in the afternoon, as the clouds formed above the foothills, the possibility of storms threatened. But true to form, the dark skies dissipated and golden light beamed from just beyond the flatirons. As we walked along the trail and said hi to the puppies frolicking at the nearby dog park, I had butterflies in my stomach. No, I did not capture one accidentally while my mouth was agape because it was SO beautiful out and this family was SO incredible to work with, but because I knew I had the opportunity to capture some magic. 

Unicorns, chocolate fountains, and fairies have nothing on this family. Thank you for being fabulous and allowing me to capture some moments for you on that enchanting summer afternoon by the foothills.

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Colorado Newborn & Family Photography: Denver Sounds Good  

I was determined to follow, yet be unseen. To have a mythical creature appear that was unexpectedly exhilarating. I calculated a safe distance of approximately 20 feet, but when the others began to swoop in I realized my calculations had been incorrect. Slowly I crept closer. I'd never really thought I'd be here. Well okay, I knew exactly where I was. It was another raucous (just kidding) Friday night at the Belle Meade Kroger in Nashville, TN. While the city was hopping with live music EVERYWHERE I was perusing the shelves for my weekly staples. But since this was Nashville, the fact that one of my all-time favorite artists was standing feet from me should not have been surprising. While I checked off my grocery list, Garth Brooks had come in to buy ice cream for his brother's birthday party (I know because I heard him say so to others that were too excited to not bother him on his mission). I was in a conundrum. Once, I had driven over a thousand miles to see him perform as a tiny speck on a stage so far away from my seat that I cursed that binoculars did not come with it. But I never thought he would be standing in the checkout line one lane over from me on a Friday night. Should I approach and swoop in? My manners told me no, but I also just couldn't walk away. So I stood there with my receipt in hand dumbstruck and silent. I was frozen long before Disney thought of it. Luckily, Garth was obviously used to this behavior and he walked up and asked me if I would like his autograph. I nodded quickly, handed over the back of my grocery receipt, and hoped that the ink wouldn't smudge. This was Nashville, the place where anything wonderful can and does happen--even on a Friday night at the local Kroger's. When a family that had just relocated to the Denver area from Nashville contacted me, this was what flooded my mind, along with so many other wonderful memories of a very special town that holds a truly unique place in my heart.

Nashville was the first place where I gave serious thought about actually being a professional photographer. In a town like that, I saw daily the struggles from some world-class musicians who kept at their craft despite the odds and learned the meaning of keep on keepin' on. It was a town where my then-boyfriend, now husband's family treated me as though I'd always been a part of theirs, and where I learned so much about myself and my aspirations into the world of photography.

When I heard that this Denver via Nashville family was expecting their third child and interested in capturing her first days at home, my excitement was palpable. Not only would I be meeting their sweet baby girl shortly after her birth, but the entire family who had just moved from a place I used to call home. AND their family included a very fluffy furball named Grizzly. Hooray! Triple-score! I knew I was going to love meeting and photographing this family and I was not disappointed. In addition to their new baby girl, they have another sweet and beautiful gal who loves dragons and a little boy who was charming, adorable, and always with a ball in his hand (one can never have an appreciation for sports too early).

After baby girl had arrived, we promptly scheduled our photo session. As a mama myself I know very well the fog, haze, and exhaustion that arrives along with the fullest heart and happiest of highs you could ever imagine when your kiddo is born. I arrived anticipating a family that may be slightly overwhelmed (after all they had just moved into their new home, just had a baby, and just so happened to be more than a thousand miles from their old stomping grounds). Instead I was welcomed with SO much kindness, joy, and happiness. The entire family allowed me to spend an afternoon with them and I felt like we had been friends for years, instead of minutes. That is what happens when your clients happen to be one of the most incredible families I've ever met. Throughout it all, I kept thinking of how lucky I was to have met them and how lucky their little girl is to join such a loving and fun family.

As the photo session came to an end, I knew that just like those years ago in Nashville, I had been so lucky to be at such a place for a magical moment in time. People often think that superheros have superpowers and wear capes. Well if this is true than Mama Rebecca 100% qualifies as a superhero (no cape necessary). Her calmness, kindness, and warm heart just days after welcoming her third kiddo were nothing short of enchanting. I'm now convinced that a cape is absolutely unnecessary.

I moved to Nashville toward the end of my college career to complete an internship and decided not to leave once it was over. It was a large town that felt small, and the uniqueness of it stuck to me like my hair to my forehead in 90% humidity. It is a town I have to thank for a lot of things in my life, and one I will always have wonderful memories of. A new product of Nashville that I'm thankful for was the opportunity to meet and photograph the McHugh family. Thank you for bringing such a fantastic family to Denver and for welcoming me into your home with my camera. I cannot wait to hear what wonderful adventures await you all in the years ahead.

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Boulder Foothills and Fancy-Free That low, quiet sound. At first I couldn't place it. It appeared to be emanating from the mountains but it couldn't be...right? Once more I scanned the east face of the Rockies and squinted against the sun. Was it coming from the meadowlarks standing stately on reeds or was it some unseen creature emerging from its winter slumber? As I walked along the dirt trail and followed the tune I determined that it sounded more like a drum than beast. Finally I saw it. There among the tall spring grasses was a young woman grabbing a musical instrument while her partner played a small drum. Yes, it was the beginning of a drum circle in the mountains, and I happily knew at once that spring had arrived in Boulder. This obviously would be a wonderful spot for a family photo session...once the drums had left.

Spring here brings the red-wing blackbirds back to dive bomb you if you get close to their nest, along with chorus frogs impatiently belting out nature's song. Like every other season here, you get all types of weather imaginable, except at the end of it we have lovely green grasses and mountains for a brief time. I had eagerly been waiting for the weather to clear a bit more impatiently than the frogs. I've photographed this lovely family before, in a very different season, but this would be the first time that I would get to capture baby Cordelia as part of the household. After we were forced to reschedule our photography session twice (once for 60mph winds and once for snow), I knew certainly the third time would be the charm (or at least I was praying to the happy weather gods that it would be)

Since having children, I notice things a lot more. I notice that there seems to be a perpetual, yet hidden, magical something every time I walk into our bathroom and find it dirty mere minutes after I just cleaned. I also notice and remember the magic of the seasons in a way I hadn't since Prince's 1999 song seemed so futuristic. It is these unexpected benefits of having my little ones in the house and why I feel it is so important and photograph families in their many different seasons.

This Colorado family is busy. They are often busy working to conserve our nation's wildlands or running more than 100 miles across the West (in one day...I know...crazy, huh?). At times, Cordelia may be blissfully watching her older brother as he bikes around Boulder County or plays with something really, really exciting, like Paw Patrol characters. This Colorado crew is active, forward-thinking, always striving to help others and really, REALLY fun to hang around with. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the afternoon.

Baby Cordelia was so eager to join her fabulous family, that she joined them slightly before everyone else was ready. Already an over-achiever and eager to get moving, nothing could stop her from making her entrance into the world when she was ready. Despite her early arrival, she is healthy, happy, and absolutely adorable. Things are already looking sunny for Cordelia, and with her family by her side, her world is even brighter.

Indeed, the third time to schedule the photography session was the charm. Hooray! On an enchantingly sunny and warm spring day, we decided to meet in North Boulder. There were wide-open spaces and a nearby playground for big brother Finley to explore. As we hiked along a trail, I saw a perfect spot for a family photo. As everyone was heading over, I joked about how I always find snakes on hikes with my boys. I assured them that my snake charming abilities do not extend to hikes without my family, and big brother Finley looked a tad disappointed. No more than eight seconds later, Adam nonchalantly informs me that a snake just slithered past him. Now please do not blame me nor send me photos for snake identification (it's probably a rattler, garter or bull snake so just pick one and go with it), as we were after all in the foothills among the tall spring grasses. In other words we were in their habitat and we knew that, which is why we were extra careful about where we stepped. I'm pretty sure the snake was just giving us a springtime hello and perhaps wanted to be photographed as well. But we let the reptile be and he/she continued on to greener pastures.

It was apparent from the instant we started how much this family adores their kiddos, and the way both kids looked so happy with their parents would make even a snake's heart melt. Alison and Adam are both wonderful examples of positivity and encouragement, and I'm excited for their children to grow up learning from that and adding this mindset to our world.

The rest of the photo session was free from unexpected surprises and drum circles and the light continued to become even more captivating as the afternoon waned. I could not have asked for a more lovely family on a perfectly lovely afternoon. Next time Adam, I promise no snakes (but we may need to meet inside your house just in case).






[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Boulder County Photographer Boulder Family Photography Boulder Kids Photographer Boulder Photographer Boulder, Colorado Chautauqua Family Photography Colorado Family Photography Colorado Photographer Thu, 22 Jun 2017 12:00:00 GMT
Under the Live Oaks: Travel Photography Session in Charleston, SC I stepped off the plane and braced for it. Anticipating that hug that envelops you entirely and takes your breath away...not in the Top Gun kind of way but in the literal sense. Of course I'm talking about none other than the humidity in the South. While it was still early in the season I know from a minute or two spent in a sauna that: (1) I am a wimp with humidity, (2) I enjoy breathing in arid Western climates, (3) I have not experienced humidity above probably 20% in a great while, and (4) Did I mention I'm a wimp when it comes to humidity?

I've lived in the South numerous times over the years and know that I'd have to step up my A game here if I had any chance of making it through a lovely family photo shoot without asking for oxygen. Hiking at 10,000ft? No problem. Walking at sea level in the South Carolina heat? Not a chance.

As I ambled briskly in the direction of a sign that absolutely did not lead me to the car rental counter, I went over a list in my head. I'm a big fan of preparation and lists. As a photographer I do a lot of mental prep before each shoot and review it all on the way to a session. Some things that occupied my mind at this moment (other than the fact that the place that said ask for help here had no one near it and I still had no idea where I was going) included that I needed to practice breathing, remember that my tolerance for sweet tea was now nonexistent and that I couldn't wait to photograph Payton, Taylor and their family again.

The last time I was able to get this gorgeous and fun family in front of my lens, they were living in Phoenix. Now they had moved east in search of the beach and a different style of life. I couldn't help but notice how different it was from the desert. The green was still arriving but had already surpassed that of Arizona (except for the artificial grass lawns) and the trees were abundant. Most notably of all, while I had left Colorado and 77 degrees in March, here it was not humid at all and actually a chilly 49 degrees. I could see that springtime in the South would be a bit different than I had imagined.

After navigating through one Carolina and across the next, I met up with the dynamic family of four in Charleston, SC. I knew that the girls would be older and taller but I wondered if they would be the same. Upon seeing them within the first minute I knew I had struck gold once more. The girls were undeniably themselves. This is what I LOVE to see. One of my favorite things about photographing little ones is their authenticity. They don't dwell on who they should be, what they might grow up to become or how they need to be. They are as authentic as it gets and I love to capture that.

There was so much fun to be had that others wanted to join us. Unfortunately they came and surprised us when we were not ready. One of the South's residents that I wouldn't mind never seeing again are fire ants. They seemed to be particularly interested in joining the party but we will not be inviting them back again. They definitely brought the family together in an attempt to fling them to the edge of the universe. Luckily all recovered quickly from the encounter but we will definitely tread lightly in the future.

I must admit I was a bit giddy about getting to photograph the entire family under stately live oaks. The girls were confident, genuine, silly, fun, and energetic. Their mother is stunningly beautiful and their father handsome. But most of all, they are so in love with their little girls and it shows. It shows in Payton and Taylor's confidence and freedom to be themselves as well as the way they look to their mama and daddy in awe. This is what happens when you raise your kiddos to be as they are and not just as they should be. Payton and Taylor, I hope that whatever you grow up to be that you remember that who you are is more important than what you do. Stay true to yourselves and you will continue to be amazing people just like your parents. I can't wait to see where we meet up next time. Hopefully it will be just as fun but with a lot less fire ants.


[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Charleston Charleston Family Photography Charleston, SC Charleston, South Carolina Photography Family photography Kids photographer Outdoor lifestyle photography Travel Photography live oaks Wed, 05 Apr 2017 21:25:33 GMT
Climbing Towards the Moon at Chautauqua (Boulder Family Photography) Kids are humbling. From the first moment they arrive, they are in charge. They command your presence and melt your heart even at 3:23am...and 4:15am...and 4:56am. You become a more accepting human because of your kids. After all, they have peed on you (many times), unabashedly give you their opinion of your cooking, and simultaneously perplex and stupefy you with questions at age 3 that you cannot answer without Googling. They are loving, exhausting, incredible and every emotion you can think of often at the exact same time. How cool is that!

I've had the honor of photographing this gorgeous family 3 times now and am always impressed with how marvelous they are. The fact that they've let me into their lives to document a moment in time with my camera multiple times is really a gift. To say that Magnus and Alma are smart kiddos is an understatement. I fully expect both of them to cure a communicable disease or be the first astronauts to travel to Mars well before they are 10. I'm not kidding.

But what I really love about them and their family is how honest, thoughtful and curious they are...not to mention adorable! We climbed and played on every rock we could find, ran through the meadow, and even paused momentarily for a few photos. I love how excited they were to explore everything and how encouraging, loving and spectacular their parents are. Their mama is as wise and patient as she is beautiful. And their dad was great at not only corralling the kiddos but playing with them and keeping them engaged. They are so lucky to have such fabulous parents. As a huge bonus, some of the grandparents were able to join in the fun for an afternoon I won't forget. It was great to see all three generations bring a part of themselves to the shoot as well as the family together. Watch out world, Magnus and Alma are already making an impact on everyone around them and it won't be long before the they get to the moon...or beyond.

Family Photography at Chautauqua Park in Boulder

Boulder Family Photography at Chautauqua


[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Boulder County Photographer Boulder Family Photography Boulder Kids Photography Boulder, Colorado Chautauqua Family Photography Chautauqua Photography Colorado Family Photography Colorado Photographer Lindsay Hiatt Photography Louisville, Colorado Family Photographer Wed, 01 Mar 2017 12:30:00 GMT
Red Red Rocks- Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Wait a second...Yes, I've been on this trail before. Wait! No, I haven't. I turn around and look at the map again. This is an actual map, not an app on my phone. There is something about holding a map, book or compass. Maybe it is the way it feels, the familiarity of it, but I think it is more getting to hold an actual something, not just an image of that something that I love. In the same way that I had a hard time switching to digital from film photography, I've held on to things that may be considered "old school" by some, yet they are my favorites. Print your photos all of us photographers say and we mean it. There is something about holding an actual photograph that gives depth and meaning you can't get in another format.

Taking road trips years back meant breaking out the NEW and IMPROVED Rand McNally Atlas and pouring over it with excitement. Which towns would we go through and could I calculate exactly how long it would take us to get there? I love the process of discovering new stops I would not have found if I hadn't seen it on the map: The Corn Palace! It's just up the road! Let's do it. It would let me plan/beg others to stop unnecessarily, know when and where we might finally find some national forest areas to camp and discover the topography before our tires did. And while your cell phone might not get coverage (gasp!) or the batteries might not keep their charge, your map is always with long as your three year old doesn't get a hold of it.

So as our tires now head west up the canyon from Las Vegas, I'm excited to go to a place so unexpected and refreshing in the Nevada desert. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is only 17 miles from the strip but a world away. I've been here a few times but upon returning, I discover something completely new. I fall in love with a colorful variation of sandstone, desert plants, spy a desert cottontail and watch the sun paint the landscape differently every 15 minutes. It is known as one of the crown jewels of the BLM and the moment you turn into the area, you understand why. There are wild horses and burros, unique plants and animals found only in the Mojave Desert and so much geological diversity that it will make any geologist swoon.

The next time you mosey on over to Vegas, take a jaunt up the canyon. You'll have your breath taken away for an entirely different reason.

"Red Rock Canyon""Red Rock Canyon"

Desert plantDesert plant

Desert HomeDesert Home

Red Rock Canyon GeologyRed Rock Canyon Geology Mojave Desert PlantMojave Desert Plant

"View in Red Rock Canyon""View in Red Rock Canyon"

Red Rock Canyon Scenic DriveRed Rock Canyon Scenic Drive

Red Rock Canyon FloraRed Rock Canyon Flora

Cycling in Red Rock CanyonCycling in Red Rock Canyon

[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Colorado Landscape Photographer Colorado Photographer Landscape Photography Mojave Desert Photography Nature Photography Nevada Nature Photography Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Western Landscape Photographer Wed, 04 Jan 2017 21:27:53 GMT
Sunshine and Sunflowers (Boulder Family Photography) Zipping and spinning; twirling and charging faster than a 3 year-old. This was the light I found on a warm summer evening. Obviously it was a PERFECT light to capture three generations of awesomeness. I've been thinking for a while about how to describe these lovely folks. Should I speak of the pure love and happiness that shines through their eyes when they are chasing each other down the trail? Should I mention how my heart melted seeing two generations of sisters play and laugh together? What about how the light frolicked across the sky starting out as strong as a July morning and dipping behind the mountains like a raindrop? I think Emeryn summed it up pretty well herself when she said to her mama, "I want to stay out here forever." That, my friend, is the greatest compliment I can think of during a photoshoot: A five year-old who doesn't want it to end.

One of my favorite parts of photographing extended families is the fact that so many personalities and experiences are coming together for a moment in time and I am lucky enough to be there and preserve those memories. It's hard some days just to get your family in one spot in a reasonable amount of time (ahem...getting in the car with kiddos in the morning.) I loved seeing the how much the girls not only adore their mama and dad but their aunt and grandparents too. The light was bright and strong and made for a great challenge. We were able to get different angles and backdrops all in one spot in the matter of minutes; sort of like going to get ice cream and then realizing you can choose three flavors instead of settling on just one. 

Thank you to this incredible family for letting me capture their togetherness on a lovely evening on a mesa.


Davidson Mesa Family Photography


Boulder Family Photography


Holding Hands. Grandparent and grandchildren photography

Silhouette against the rocky mountains. Boulder family photography.

[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Boulder County Photographer Boulder Family Photography Boulder, Colorado Colorado Family Photography Colorado Outdoor Lifestyle Photographer Colorado Photographer Davidson Mesa Family Photography Davidson Mesa Photography Lindsay Hiatt Photography Louisville, CO Photography Lousiville, Colorado family photography Thu, 13 Oct 2016 13:00:00 GMT
Boulder Chautauqua Family Photography: Lilah Turns 1 Boom, whoosh, drip, whirl. Boom, whoosh, drip, whirl. The soundscape was melodic and hypnotic. I watched well-dressed and impossibly fit hikers sporting prAna, Pearl Izumi and Patagonia scamper across the meadow. As these active and outdoorsy folks dashed for the trailhead and their vehicles I became acutely aware of a few things: 1. Yet again a storm was threatening to derail a photo shoot this time with a lovely family and an absolutely adorable little gal who was turning one. 2. The parking lot would surely empty out soon. 3. If we can wait it out a bit, the storm just may blow through leaving an excellent possibility for the kind of light this photographer dreams of.

If you live in Colorado you know the weather changes ALL-THE-TIME. Especially in or near the mountains. I checked my gear once more to get my initial settings and prime lens configured. I greatly enjoy the endless surprises that come with photographing energetic families and equally energetic weather. However there is no way we are going to photograph little Lilah in a thunderstorm. I text back and forth with my clients on my "retro" flip phone (please send texts without emoticons so my phone can read it!) and go over the shot list once again. Almost every single photo session I've had has dealt with sketchy weather leading up to our scheduled time. And it is absolutely OK. It is all part of the ever-changing landscape for an outdoor lifestyle photographer in Colorado and I adore this. Often, the weather breaks and we end up with incredible and varied light conditions but occasionally, we need to reschedule. It's part of the package and I try to convey this to my clients. Luckily these are INCREDIBLE clients who have a great sense of humor, a solid understanding of the unpredictability of nature in Colorado and patience. We decide to give it 15 more minutes and I continue to wait, prepare and perhaps hold my breath...

15 minutes pass. Then the light changes. It begins to break through the grey sky and I am giddy with what's before me. I send a quick text letting this fabulous family know that I think the storm has moved on toward the eastern plains. We are ALL excited. They hop in their car with their little gal and head to Chautauqua in Boulder where they easily find parking on a weekend afternoon (no joke!) Thank you rain! We are golden.

When I asked Lilah's parents what she loves and her mother said, "honestly, us." I knew I was lucky to get to spend a summer afternoon playing and photographing this family. True to her mama's words, Lilah absolutely adores her parents. She already is an excellent judge of character. Both mama and dad were fabulous to work with too. They were all animated and joyful. These are my kind of clients! Even though she is learning to walk, Lilah is already an adventurous gal who loves to explore and was a joy to photograph. She is sweet and happy, beautiful and lovely. A big thank you to the entire family for waiting out the storm, playing among the Flatirons with me and reminding me how much I love to work with incredible families in Colorado. I cannot wait to see what the years bring for the three of them.

"Boulder Family Photographer"

"Colorado Family Photography"

"Colorado Child Photography"

Boulder Family Photographer

"Boulder engagement photography"

Boulder Family Photography

"Chautauqua family photography"

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There Must Be Something in the Sandstone It tickles...sort of. No it isn't that. It's metallic tasting, in the back of your throat, way in the back. It cannot be scratched, nor overlooked. As I take a lukewarm swig from my scuffed up Nalgene, I satiate my thirst. But as reliable as the sun in the desert, it returns minutes later along with that stinging sensation in my eyes. It's hot. Not summertime hot but 20 degrees warmer than the cloudy, cool temperatures we left that morning in Colorado. Being a bit (or actually quite) temperature sensitive, I always marvel at how people a century before me survived in this landscape. Most if not all of their lives were spent outside (and without any air conditioning). I start to feel big and proud of myself for "roughing it" in a tent, a good couple of hours away from a proper toilet and potable water. Then that voice in my head reminds me that not so long ago Native Americans and later on settlers lived here without any modern amenities and definitely not a sweet tent with an incredibly useful vestibule.

It's springtime in the American West which means a lot of predictably and incalculable surprises. And I love it all. At night we watch the cumulonimbus clouds swell and fly by. I squint my eyes trying to determine whether they will pass by or charge toward us. I smile at the light show and marvel at how the landscape changes colors in a flash: red, blue, orange, white. After determining that we will indeed miss the rainfall I head for the tent to rest in the quiet that is nighttime on the Colorado Plateau. I wake up at exactly midnight to hear that my prediction (as usual) was completely incorrect. Heavy drops of water pelt our rainfly and a melodic smack, smack, of the northwest corner of our tent lashes out at us like a finger wagging not so subtly right at me. It reminds me that the wind doesn't care how good you thought your tent stakes were hammered into the ground. And I love it. I love how in Utah and all across the West nature showers you in it's beauty and power. I roll over in my cozy sleeping bag and check to make sure my camera equipment is safe from any water that may seep underneath our tent, before returning to my not-so-quiet slumber.

It's been a while since I've gotten to take some time to explore Utah and as always it surprises me. When we crossed the state line a sign announced that we were leaving Colorful Colorado and had now entered a place where you live Life Elevated. I think about how both signs are true for both states and know that it really isn't so much a competition but instead a statement. There is so much to love in Utah from the mountains to the desert and I'm excited to have my camera to see what we can find this go-around.

What to do was a taxing decision. Because of the sheer volume of opportunities, we focused mostly on the southeast corner for the trip (which means more to explore in other areas next time). There are FIVE national parks in Utah and each offer a very unique experience. Of course there were the iconic rock formations everywhere as well as a glimpse into history through petroglyphs and pictographs carved and painted onto the rock face. There was trail running, biking along the slickrock and the Colorado River, hiking through cowboy camps, ruins, and seeing actual dinosaur tracks. Not last on my mind but first in my stomach was some of the incredible food. We indulged in the best quesadillas I've ever eaten at Quesadilla Mobilla in Moab. Absolutely memorable.

After exploring Arches, Moab, the Needles district of Canyonlands all the while using copious amounts of sunscreen, I think about something that ties all of the West together. It's grit. It's the grit you feel in the back of your throat and the grit of the people who live here. It's the red sandstone that now permeates the bed of your truck even a month after returning home. And yes, it's the grit that you bring back with you and find in the most startling places from inside your ear canal to inside your mind. It permeates everything out here. There are two things that always happen after a trip to Utah: 1. I always wonder if I have enough sand and dirt to fill a sandbox. 2. I'm already itching to go back.

Arches National Park

Utah desert flowers in springtime.

Biking along the Colorado River outside Moab, Utah. Biking along the Colorado River outside Moab, Utah. Entering the Needles District in Canyonlands National Park

The Six Shooters outside the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. BLM land outside the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park.


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Innovators: VSI Parylene {Colorado Commercial Photography} Dynamic. Over and over this word seeped into my mind. Everywhere I explored, I met talented people who love to innovate. One just couldn't help but feel the energy and verve at VSI Parylene. Having the chance to photograph a company that truly pioneers and thrives on developing solutions was such a unique opportunity.

What exactly DO you do? I asked this question and expected a canned response. Instead eyes lit up as Steve explained to me their processes, functionality and future endeavors. It was easy to see the art in the science and I tried my best to convey their passion and expertise photographically. In case like me you too are wondering what the heck is parylene and why is it amazing here is what I gathered: VSI Parylene protects valuable parts. We're talking biomedical devices, microelectronics, automotive, aerospace projects and many other applications. How? They apply parylene using a special vaporization process. Pretty amazing, right?!

I cannot say enough about how fabulous this company was to work with. They exemplify a welcoming and dynamic culture that is lacking in many other organizations and it shows in their dedication to precision and product. Thanks for letting me capture your incredible company through my lens.

Innovating your unique product with paryleneVSI Parylene technicians working in the lab.

Lab technician working on specialized parts.

Specialized processes used to coat and protect medical devices, microelectronics and more.

Parylene used as a protective coating.

Highly trained employees inspect and care for each individual part from lab to coating.


[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Boulder Commercial Photography Boulder, CO Photographer Colorado Business Photographer Colorado Business Photography Colorado Commercial Photographer Colorado Commercial Photography Colorado Industrial Photographer Colorado Industrial Photography Colorado Parylene VSI Parylene Wed, 02 Mar 2016 13:00:00 GMT
Land of Enchantment- New Mexico Landscape Photography Sniff the air. You know, the way a puppy does immediately after you open the car window? An earnest plunge nose first into the fresh breeze. My head was not projecting out of a car for I was already standing firmly in the dirt. But, the scent filled up my mind with such power that instinctively, again, I filled my lungs. Pungent, earth, cows, rocks and curiously damp. Then earth once more.

Everything is different here. Go northward one hour up the road that weaves along with the landscape and there is part of the West I am so familiar with. it is undoubtedly new. This Land of Enchantment is still geographically part of the same region and the mountains are the southern tip of MY mountains back home. Yet here I notice that everything seems news. The light is BEAUTIFUL. I worry my camera and abilities can never fully capture it. It envelops everything like color wrapping around a canvas. It feels like you are living in a painting. The flow of the light waxes and wanes throughout the day and people here follow its rhythm. The bright bursts of ochre and vermilion in the morning and just before twilight bring an energy to me. And when the sun blazes hot, so HOT at times directly upon my sunscreened skin, it implores me to rest. But in this moment I know what is rolling in over the mountain peaks. A summer storm with nature's light show and sound so powerful my 1 year old asks again and again, "Is that thunder?" Yes, I reply.

We were here before. Years ago but in a different world. The same truck rolled along the dirt and through the land but this time our passenger is different. Years ago, we had spent a few days hiking and photographing the adobe, churches, and land with our impossibly energetic Ridgeback but today the back seat holds two impossibly energetic little boys. It strikes me odd how I feel the same connection to a place at two very different points of my life. My first trip in New Mexico I was so excited to capture it all on slide film with a somewhat reluctant canine model in the foreground. I remember not developing the film before our big move; my mind occupied with seemingly endless tasks and lists. And I had a few frames left on that last roll. Everyone knows with film you never waste a shot. Then, with a pair of bolt cutters one night, hundreds of miles from our old home and hundreds of miles from our new one, those photographs disappeared along with my camera and all my equipment. I imagined the people who grabbed it from the back of our U-Haul seeing my Nikon and realizing that there was still film in the back, took it to be developed to marvel at their find. Of course I logically know it was most likely hastily ripped out or not even thought about before being dumped at a Pawn Shop but the beauty of dreams is that I can imagine it as I want to, not as it was.

So here we are again, and this time I am determined to capture a different piece of this beautiful landscape. This time, I will have the photos to see on my computer. My little ones sleep soundly while rain drops play a tune on the windshield.

Summer Storm approaching the desert in the Land of Enchantment.

Desert landscape outside Taos, NM

Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument


Sunset along the red cliffs of New Mexico's Rio Grande.

[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) boulder colorado photographer boulder photographer colorado landscape photography desert photography land of enchantment new mexico photography western landscape photographer Wed, 03 Feb 2016 14:04:50 GMT
Spring Gulch Jamboree When I was contacted about doing family photos for this lovely bunch I didn't hesitate with my response: YES! Do you realize there will be eight adults and six children under five? I was assured by Kate that after this session I'd race to my computer and write a blog entitled, "Why I no longer shoot family portraits." But alas, this was not to be. You see, when you start with an incredible family, you can't help but love the images and experience.

As a photographer there is only so much one can do. You can take a photograph and edit it to adjust the colors, saturation, light and shadows but the essence of what you capture in that moment greatly depends on the subject. The subjects I met at a mountain hideaway nestled between boulder outcroppings and prime mountain lion habitat, were perfect. Perfect in that they were joyful, energetic, kind and loud...and then there were their children too. This was my kind of extended family. The light outside was warm and bright but the light in everyone's spirit was enchanting.

I first met some of the older kiddos (by older I mean speaking in complete paragraphs but not yet ready for formal education) and we looked at some of the rocks around the land. I picked up one to share and excitedly told them to check out this lovely, shiny one. That's quartz the four year-old told me in a matter-of-fact and informing way like the scientist she is already. Intelligent doesn't even begin to describe all of these kids. I promise, in a few years when they all get together for a holiday, I'm going to get a call indicating they have come up with solutions to issues such as climate change and creating world peace.

Then there were the parents and grandparents— talent oozing from their pores. Each of them involved in businesses and issues that are helping make the world and everyone in it better. They did a smashing job of wrangling kiddos, keeping composure and somehow convincing them that it was okay to let this strange woman with a camera follow them around.

As if their personalities weren't all fabulous enough, every single one of them was photogenic. These are not tall tales I tell. I quickly realized that I had hit the mother lode for family photography: a stunning multi-generational family, glorious light, bang-up personalities, and a locale in the mountains of Colorado. As with any shoot there were variables. There was loudness and laughter, hiking, jumping, chaos, and so much love between all of them. I am truly thankful to have been there to capture for a moment in time, a lovely family being extraordinarly themselves. 



[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Boulder County Photographer Boulder, Colorado Photographer Colorado Outdoor Lifestyle Photographer Colorado family portraits Lyons, CO photographer Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:57:16 GMT
Plant Power (Colorado adventure photographer/ Colorado running photographer) He buzzed by me so quickly I almost dropped my camera. After a few seconds, he circled round and once again I felt the breeze. Thankfully I brought my fastest lenses with me. I checked my camera, and was elated to see I had captured this herbivore at lightening speed. Was I hidden between the sandstone and the sage hoping to photograph a pronghorn? Well that would be a welcome scene...but no, this wasn't any of Colorado's wild beasts. I was crouched amongst the arnica and aster to capture someone who truly thrives in and with nature.

When I first learned about Aaron Stuber I was impressed. This guy's goal is to help all of us live better. He is one of the rare breed that wants to genuinely make the world (and specifically you) better and healthier. His background is based on science but his passion is all heart. As a cardiovascular nurse he sees daily, the impact of choices and habits on one's health. It wasn't long before Aaron saw how our current healthcare system is broken in terms of prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Being the stellar guy that he is, instead of lamenting this issue he decided to become a part of the solution. Aaron is the founder of the Plant-Based RN, a health coaching and consulting business focusing on plant-based nutrition, exercise and stress reduction to help people live free of disabling chronic illness and dependence on medication. When I originally spoke with Aaron I asked him what he really hopes to achieve and he said he hopes to guide his clients so that they can THRIVE. Pretty phenomenal idea. He is knowledgeable and supportive and would be a great coach for anyone wanting to finally make those lifestyle changes that will positively impact your health and wellness.

As we all know change within isn't something that occurs instantaneously so he is available to assist and support clients as long as needed. I've heard it said that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are lifestyle changes. One thing that really struck me was how Aaron realizes that one of the ways you can really achieve success is by focusing on the why and the psychology of why we make our current choices and behaviors. If you know the true meaning behind what you currently do and how to move forward from the inside out, you are much more apt to achieve your goals. Holistic is whole and Aaron really focuses on this.

When Aaron isn't running around Boulder Community Hospital as a cardiovascular nurse and running his business, you can find him in the backcountry and trails of Boulder County training. As a competitive ultra runner he voluntarily, yes voluntarily runs 25, 30+ miles AT ONE TIME! He is currently sponsored by both Beyond Meat and Skoop. Recently, Aaron completed his first 50 miler while injured and placed 17th overall. I have been a runner for two decades now yet I promise you there is no way I could run or walk 50 miles, let alone with an Achilles injury. His race through Bryce Canyon was absolutely epic and I encourage anyone who wants to know what it's like to complete an ultra to read his fabulous race report.

It's hard to not be inspired in the mountains for they don't need to shout out "Hey look at me! I'm a mountain! I've been here for thousands of years! Aren't I amazing?" It just is and you know it. Anytime I get the opportunity to photograph in our beautiful state I am thankful and renewed. And when I get to share that experience with others who are out there wanting to help us all, it makes the time beneath the Colorado blue skies even sweeter.

After some shots amid the pines and aspen, we headed to the Boulder Farmers' Market where I had to remind myself on numerous occasions that I was there to photograph, not eat buy all of the amazing offerings. Here Aaron and a client met to learn more about what greens and vegetables available locally will help sustain you and pack a nutritional punch. It was such a great experience to see and I learned a lot in between shutter clicks.

Aaron and his beautiful wife Allison are currently awaiting the arrival of their first baby any day now. I expect to see this new little one out on the trails, thriving very soon. Best of luck to the entire family!

Heart-leaf arnicaFields of heart leaf arnica dot the landscape outside of Boulder, Colorado     Adventure PhotographyAdventure PhotographyAdventure Photography in Boulder County Colorado         

[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) . Aaron Stuber Boulder County Photographer Boulder, Colorado Colorado Adventure Photographer Colorado Outdoor Lifestyle Photographer Colorado Running Photographer Colorado health coach Colorado ultra runner Plant-based power Vegan Runner Thu, 23 Jul 2015 12:30:00 GMT
The Oasis If you live in Colorado, I don't need to remind you that this spring has been waterlogged. We all know this and have felt it in our core. Sometimes, just as the sun finally burned through the thick, thick clouds, the raindrops returned. I'm not so sure that this ensuing deluge was in fact rain. I do believe that it was the tears of many Coloradans that had re-seeded the clouds above and then returned to the earth. We sure do love our sunshine here and while most of us are thrilled that there are not yet fire bans in place, the majority are delighted as am I to see the sun's rays enveloping the Front Range once again.

In the crux of it all, I found an oasis. Of course it was in the desert. Nothing could be farther from the erratic skies of the Rockies than a riparian habitat amongst the Arizona desert. Here I found blooming succulents, geckos darting out from under scrub brush and even a speedy roadrunner. Yes an actual roadrunner! In an actual desert! A bit different from the usual prairie dogs we have here. My excitement upon finding one was tangible.

But it wasn't all agave and cacti for me. I found another desert gem. A lovely family to photograph in the springtime air. Payton and Taylor are exactly what young gals should be. They are intelligent, boisterous, fearless and above all, passionate about experiencing life. As we were meandering through the shaded paths, Payton never hesitated to tell me exactly what she thought I should photograph and where. A few steps behind, Taylor eased along the trails stopping to notice every insect, flower and time I tried to sneak my camera lens near her. The girls were lovely, adventurous, positively adorable and strikingly similar to their gorgeous mama. They are hilarious and fun to be around, just like their mama too. Hmmmm, I think they really are just like their mama and that's a pretty great thing. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a warm, spring morning. Whenever you are out in Colorado, let me know! I'd like Payton's assistance for some landscape shots and need to get their equally incredible dad in some photos next time around.

  VeteransOasisParkFamily Portrait Photography Session in Chandler, Arizona. DesertSmileChildren's Portraits at Veteran's Oasis Park, Chandler, AZ

ArizonaSisters Sisters watching for ducks in an Arizona oasis AZCloseupToddler portraits in Arizona. ChandlerAZPortraitPhotographyInspecting the flora and fauna in the desert shade. DesertSmileSmiling in the desert during a family portrait shoot in Chandler, AZ. FamilyPortraitChandlerAZFamily Portrait session at Veteran's Oasis Park in Chandler, Arizona.


[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Boulder Children's Portrait Photographer Boulder County Photographer Chandler, AZ Colorado Lifestyle Photographer Colorado Portrait Photographer Veterans Oasis Park Thu, 11 Jun 2015 22:16:23 GMT
How Does Your Garden Grow After parking the truck I tentatively walked inside the barn. The workshop had begun that morning and all around I found evidence of the budding gardeners. There were notebooks, sketches and snacks and I could hear the humming sound of a still running projector. After assessing the scene, I could tell everyone had moved on outside— somewhere else on the farm. I immediately recognized this as an opportune time to do a quick search myself. The drive up 36 through Boulder can be more arduous than planned at times and I desperately hoped to find a bathroom. I saw a door which looked innocently enough like a good spot to house a WC of some sort. The thick, rustic door creaked as I turned the handle. My eyes saw a shocking surprise. It wasn't exactly what I had been anticipating, but I did find a treasure. Inside, the bathroom had been converted into a cozy chicken brooder. There were at least 25 baby chicks (probably more) snug and happily chirping in their cozy first home. After living with human babies for the past few years, I immediately appreciated their soft and oh-so-quiet chirps. It was adorable, they were adorable, it was...a perfect introduction to a pretty perfect kind of place.

A chance to hang out in Lyons, Colorado, with some incredible pros who love to garden, use power tools and sneak in some playtime with baby animals too? Yes, please! I was at the Lyons Farmette photographing one of their spring workshops; a gardening intensive that spanned two days and taught participants everything from how to work with soil, to building a raised garden bed, irrigation techniques and even how to preserve your harvest.

Any time I get to wander to the northern Boulder County foothills back to my old stomping grounds, I become nostalgic. I LOVED living just outside of Lyons because it meant I lived almost in Lyons. The town is full of genuine, hard-working, happily eccentric and always talented folks. Returning to the land where sandstone cliffs and the South Saint Vrain Creek meet, definitely feels like home. I was ecstatic to head on up to the Lyons Farmette on a cloudy afternoon.

If you've ever strolled through the Farmette it is immediately apparent that the farm is cared for by people who do what they do out of love. They created a unique space where plants and animal grow, live, and thrive. It is a peaceful and incredibly gorgeous spot of land. It's obvious why there are myriad ways to enjoy the farm. Year-round the offerings are bountiful. The Lyons Farmette hosts farm dinners, numerous spring and fall educational workshops, provides an unforgettable backdrop for some truly unique Colorado farm weddings, and runs a CSA from June through October (there is still time to sign up for the 2015 season!)

After my initial welcome from the baby chicks, I grabbed my camera gear and wandered up a hill. My ears perked up at the sound of laughter and digging just beyond and I knew I had found the crew I was looking for. I met Helen, the farm's Director of Education as well as the participants who seemed almost giddy. I soon found out why. Helen was showing them a 2x4 and talking about how to properly cut your lumber to construct a raised garden bed. Yes, I had made it just in time for the power tools. However, more surprises were seeded in the clouds. No more than 2 minutes after I arrived, I was greeted by a brief but powerful hail storm. Most people shy away from this sort of thing but when you are on a farm, you expect all kinds of weather. So while everyone grabbed lumber and saws and headed to the hoop house, I covered up my gear and sauntered (by sauntered I mean bolted) after everyone.

Helen definitely knows her way around a garden. She was genuinely happy to show the crew how to make the proper cuts and even let a few lucky folks try out the power saw themselves. I love how the Lyons Farmette strives to support and empower the local food community. I was eager to listen to the tips and knowledge Helen was offering up while I photographed a fun and lively scene. Every year I plant a garden and every year I am surprised at how inept I am. While I can get pumpkins to grow pretty reliably (well outside of Florida...apparently one does not plant pumpkin seeds in Florida in May unless one wants fully ripe pumpkins in July) I also pretty reliably kill off starter plants seemingly just by looking at them. This past year, a dear friend of mine shared a few of her gorgeous tomato plants. I lovingly brought them home and...I am not exaggerating this...killed every single plant within one day of their arrival in my yard. I have a very special kind of gardening ineptitude. I hoped that while I was photographing the workshop, perhaps I could absorb some of Helen's talent through diffusion in the air. Gardeners of all levels participated in the weekend-long event and it was obvious that with Helen's teaching, everyone learned a lot that day.

The cuts were made, the hail subsided, the clouds rolled on and everyone worked together to build a beautiful raised garden bed. Throughout it all, Helen was there with knowledge and patience. Later on, Garrison the Farm Manager, stopped by to discuss irrigation options and explain how he manages the farm. Just like Helen, Garrison provided plentiful expertise and shared it in a way that engaged and excited the participants who eagerly soaked it all in.

Throughout the afternoon I noticed a theme. There was a lot of dirt, a lot of digging, and so much joy and laughter from everyone in the class. A pretty perfect way to spend a weekend indeed.

Want to learn more about this unique and special place? Well then by all means, please check them out at or head on over to Lyons for a visit. I promise no matter what the weather, you'll have a grand ol' time.

[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Boulder County Farm Photography Boulder County Photographer Colorado Farm Photography Colorado Photographer Farm to table Gardening Workshop Intensive Gardening Kick-Start Lyons Farmette Lyons, Colorado Spring Gardening Photography Thu, 30 Apr 2015 12:58:53 GMT
Writer's Digest Your Story Contest Winners Announced. St. Elmo's GhostsSt. Elmo's Ghosts


It was an honor to have one of my photographs used in the Your Story competition for Writer's Digest Magazine. The assignment: Write an opening sentence based on my photograph.

The winners were announced online at A print version will also be out next month. Make sure to check it out. It was so interesting to read what the writers imagined. I personally hadn't thought my photograph was inherently foreboding but apparently, it absolutely is!

Head on over to where talented writers go to hone their skills. I am humbled by everyone who took a moment to think about my photograph.



[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Boulder Landscape Photographer Colorado Landscape Photographer Mountain Cabin Photograph Sepia Photographs Writer's Digest Your Story Competition #64 Wed, 29 Apr 2015 12:00:00 GMT
Gallivanting in Winter

Isn't it amazing how nature can take an ordinary substance, freeze it, blanket your part of the earth and then just by playing in it you can instantly it be transported back in time? There is something...actually LOTS of things magical about snow. I love how it seems foreign and familiar when it first falls in autumn. I love how it can make everyone giggle and tumble and create. But I really love photographing children and families playing in the snow. The only thing better is to throw in a couple of doggie family members too! Seriously, does it get any better? Oh but it does. This special toddler had a few adorable outfits yet the one I really loved was made by his grandmother. Special doesn't even begin to describe it.

I had the good fortune of photographing this lovely family and their absolutely handsome little boy, Finley in the foothills. Seeing a toddler experience his first winter on his own two feet is pure magic. I highly suggest it. Don't have your own children? Offer to take our your niece, nephew or friend's little one. Trust me, everyone will love it! Finley's excitement over everything: snow underfoot, the dogs leaping in the air to catch snowballs, the icicles, the...EVERYTHING was contagious. Finley reminded me that nature is pretty amazing, no matter what season or temperature.

Where did Finley get such an incredible perspective at the wee age of 1? Pretty obvious: his enthusiastic parents and doggie sisters of course! It was no surprise to me that while I was thinking about my toes becoming a bit tingly at times, Finley was anything but. His parents understand that every season is a great one for exploring, adventuring and discovering. From playing impromptu hide-and-seek to doing chin-ups on the branch of a Ponderosa Pine, Finley is a young pro at enjoying our beautiful mountains. He's already covered more ground on skis and in a backpack than most do in a decade in Colorful Colorado. Finley gets to grow up in the Rockies, surrounded by family and friends who understand that enjoying time as a family outside, no matter what the temperature, is a gift. Thanks for reminding me that winter brings all things bright, beautiful, furry, cold and magical.

[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Boulder County Photographer Colorado Outdoor Lifestyle Photographer Mountain adventures Fri, 20 Feb 2015 13:36:22 GMT
St. Elmo's Ghosts- Writing Contest St. Elmo's GhostsSt. Elmo's Ghosts


What do you see in the window? Who was there? What IS there? Does this image speak to your imagination? We all create in our own way. If your passion involves writing, try entering the Your Story Competition at Writer's Digest. I was fortunate to provide the photographic writing prompt in this month's magazine. This image has always been one of my favorites and I'm so excited to see what stories are created with this in mind. There's still a few more days left. What story does this image create for you?


[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Ghost Town Writer's Digest Your Story Competition Thu, 19 Feb 2015 20:41:17 GMT
Over the Rocks and the Mountains It was a day where many people would choose to sit cozy by the fire reading a new novel and drinking some Chai. After a recent snowfall in the Boulder foothills, it was a winter wonderland. While the sun dipped behind the Hogback Ridge, the temperatures danced just below freezing. A perfect "indoor" day for some.

Lucky for me, it was also a perfect day to catch an ultra-marathoner, exercise physiologist, sports scientist and professional coach to athletes across the globe on the trail. By "catching" I mean having him run loops up and down some serious mountain grades while I tried to snap some photographs of Adam St. Pierre in action.

While I thought about the fingerless gloves I should have probably brought, I paused to admire the icicles frozen in midair as they danced about the ponderosa pines. Suddenly they weren't dancing anymore. The trees became more frenetic and reminded me of the the song Trépak in The Nutcracker (also known as the Russian Dance). Was it that the winds became gusty or was it that Adam St. Pierre just ran by? Most likely, a bit of both. As I pondered the cold, Adam seemed completely ignorant of it. Here he was, running through the snow-packed trails in shorts and a tee-shirt. I told myself that I could handle it and just like that, Adam had coached me through a moment without even knowing it. A true professional.

One of the best things about being on a trail, or in the mountains, or heck anywhere outside when the weather is not considered fair on the daily report, is that you get this huge playground to yourself. In the summer the mountains are inundated with crowds but in winter things are quiet, calm and lovely. I love this time of year and how it makes you slow down..unless of course you are Adam.

Adam could be considered an anomaly by some. I mean who runs 50- and 100-mile races for fun? How many people get up one day and run the Mt. Sanitas trail for 24 hrs straight? Mt. Sanitas is actually a mountain which peaks at 6,863ft for a total elevation gain of 1,343ft over a 3mi loop. There are parts where you have to scramble down the rocks. You share the view with mountain lions, elk and bears. Did you know that if you run for 24hrs straight, you will be running in the dark for a good portion of it? IN-THE-DARK...with the critters! I'm so thankful that Adam did this as now I have a great reason why I will not be trying for the same. For the record, he was able to complete 23 loops in 24 hrs. Not bad for a day's work.

But what really strikes me about Adam is how he does it. Many folks in his position could surely come off as arrogant, condescending and/or intimidating. Adam is absolutely far from any of these things (well except for his accomplishments which are in fact intimidating). Adam is so approachable, helpful, knowledgeable and truly loves coaching others to help them achieve their goals.

Adam provides coaching to athletes of all levels. His services are perfect for trail runners, ultra runners, ski mountaineers, Nordic skiers, marathoners, mountain bikers and triathletes. He takes nearly a decade of experiences on the trails and in the lab to work one-on-one with athletes who are looking to improve their performance. If you are looking for someone who truly understands what works and applies that to each individual based on his/her specific needs, I highly recommend working with Adam. We are so lucky to have him as a resource in Colorado but thanks to the incredible invention of the internet, his coaching services are available throughout the world too. You can find out more about Adam St. Pierre at or go out on a trail any day and despite the forecast, there's a good chance he'll be out there too.

[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Adam St. Pierre Boulder County Photographer Boulder, Colorado Boulder, Colorado photography Colorado adventure photos Colorado athlete photographs Front Range run Lindsay Hiatt Photography Red Rocks Wed, 14 Jan 2015 21:42:12 GMT
A Late Summer Afternoon's Dream As a photographer, and especially as a parent, one tends to meet a plethora of new folks. In recent years, I've met so many new parents and families and I'm usually struck by how parallel and perpendicular our lives are. That in itself reiterates just how my world is. It's full of similarities and contradictions often at the same time. Anyone with children will most likely agree that the one constant of parenthood is that things are always, ALWAYS shifting and changing. Some parents and children go with the flow, letting the day, the moments carry them along downstream— not forcing things to happen but recognizing what is happening in the moment, enjoying it and living it. You know these types. I've seen them tubing down the St. Vrain Creek in the early summer runoff. Smiling at the sun and passersby in Lyons despite the fact that they are sitting in a tube in water still ice cold from it's recent departure as snow up in the High Country. Perhaps at some point they're smiling because their bum is finally numb and they can't feel the cold. I'm not sure. 

This family is one of those families. While a temperate day was bestowed upon us, celebrating their one-year-old's birthday as well as their toddler's meant that we'd have plans yet the girls would run the show. For our photo shoot we had some ideas of what we'd like to try and where. But, ultimately they all just enjoyed the afternoon, the warmth, the sunlight and spending time together in the beauty that is the base of the Rocky Mountains. I was just lucky enough to tag along.

I had the privilege of photographing baby Maya before she was born. Yes, she was a fantastic model at her mama's maternity shoot. But, Maya had recently turned The-Big-01 and was already a capable walker and climber. I knew it would be a bit trickier to capture her and her energy this time around. However, like a seasoned veteran, she was prepared to shine for the camera. She sat in a chair, picked up a chair, sat in the dirt, went hiking on the trails in bare feet, stood in the tall grasses as the sun sank lower in the horizon, and even sported an absolutely adorable owl hat at times. A true Colorado gal just like her sister. They were so excited to play on the trails by the mountains. Perhaps she's just had a good amount of practice as her mama is a fabulous photographer herself or perhaps she was trying to show me that it is possible for a 1yr old to look at the camera when I'm trying to take a photo (um, Maya, could you please show my boys how to do this). Either way, I had a blast hanging out with the entire family. Maya and big sister Emeryn are as lovely, intelligent, thoughtful and fun as her parents and it's not surprising. When you have parents who focus on the good stuff in life: playing, laughing, living and just being, how can you have anything less than two incredible toddlers?

Happy birthday Maya!


[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Boulder, Colorado Chautauqua Summer Family Portraits outdoor lifestyle portraits Fri, 14 Nov 2014 20:13:26 GMT
Off to the Farm When Dr. Angie asked if we could do a family photo shoot with their horses and adorable pug on a farm in Boulder County, how else could I react? You mean I get to smell horses, hay and dirt? Yes, please! As a child I loved finding excuses for hanging around a barn. As one may or may not know, the easiest way to get to be around to learn how to clean a stall. And the best way to clean a stall? However the barn manager wants it done. I was so excited at the thought of returning to a place where I spent many an hour as a child. And yes, I really do LOVE the smells of a barn, wandering through a paddock trying to catch your horse and getting your boots muddy. Well this day we had all of those things plus a fabulous family to photograph. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was a fantastic morning.

Dr. Angie's family not only consists of some big and small furry friends but her husband and adorable daughter little M too. I kept thinking during the session of how lucky little M is to grow up with such a great family and around such a fun place. When you meet her, you can see what a wise spirit she has. I was constantly surprised at how she was taking it all in and going with the flow. Anyone with a toddler will know that this is truly a remarkable talent.

In addition to having a beautiful and fabulous family, Dr. Angie is (yup you guessed it) a doctor! Not just any doctor, but a veterinarian who also has specialized training in veterinary acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. She has a special interest in sports medicine and is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. In other words, she really understands and treats companion animals on a holisitc level. We originally crossed paths when our beloved dog (a Ridgeless Rhodesian Ridgeback named Buckley) began having difficulty walking. Dr. Angie was able to relieve a lot of the discomfort he was feeling through acupuncture. I know this because not only was Buckley more cheerful after a treatment but when she came back to our house for a second round of acupuncture, Buckley immediately relaxed and was calm. If you knew Buckley, you know relaxing and calmness were not two of his favorite traits so to see this, I knew that he was happy she could help him. I am so grateful for the care Dr. Angie provided Buckley during a really challenging time and HIGHLY recommend anyone who is thinking about rehab therapy, acupuncture, herbs and holistic veterinary care in your own home, to check her out. Here's more information on her facebook page: Dr. Angie Krause

The photo session definitely had some typical Colorado flair. The morning was foggy and cold and did not look like the type of day one would hope for when taking photos. However, the weather report insisted there was a forecast of sunny skies and warm breezes to appear at 10am. Here on the Front Range, it is pretty typical to see at least two, if not all four seasons on any given day. That is one of the things I love most about the West. We started the shoot and sure enough, about 45 minutes in, the clouds began to lift and you could just begin to see the Flatirons off in the distance. The ground which had been muddy and cold minutes before, almost instantly dried out as the sunshine poured through the barn, the fields and the Russian Olive trees.

I'm so happy that I was able to spend a beautiful morning with such a fun and adventurous family. Little M is absolutely adorable, wise and very gracious to allow me to photograph her and her family. I can't wait to go back to the farm sometime. Remember, I can clean stalls! IMG_9547IMG_9547Horse play famhorsefamhorseFarm family PugsleyPugsleyPersonality galore! IMG_9728IMG_9728Dr. Angie Krause and Pugsley IMG_9809IMG_9809At the barn IMG_0126IMG_0126Fall boot style IMG_0029IMG_0029Little M.

[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Boulder Boulder County Farm Boulder County Photographer Colorado Colorado Family Photography Dr. Angie Krause Holistic Veterinary Medicine Horse Photography Horses Toddler Photography Veterinary Acupuncture fall Fri, 19 Sep 2014 20:01:54 GMT
Adventure Ever After RunIndependencePassRunWhat better way to begin your Wedding Day than with a run up 3,800ft elevation to the top of Independence Pass?


A couple weeks ago I had the honor of trying to catch world-class athletes who also happened to be Bride and Groom for a 16hr wedding adventure.

This couple began their wedding day with a 15 mile run up to the the top of Independence Pass and THEN a 15 mile bike ride to the ghost town of Ashcroft, Colorado. When others were ready for a nap ( they cleaned up equally fast and ended the day with some pretty amazing vows in a mountain meadow surrounded by their amazing and supportive families.

To call this wedding an adventure is an understatement. I had so much fun documenting their day. Thankfully, I had a truck and some lightening fast shutter speeds too. Their adventure continues with a honeymoon in Italy where the two newlyweds will be representing Team USA at the World Mountain Running Championships. Congratulations and more photos to follow soon!

A great article (and another photo) about this inspiring and tiring couple can be found at:

Running Competitor Magazine

BikeashcroftBiking AshcroftThe bride & groom adventure wedding part II: biking 15miles to a ghost town. aspencouplecopyaspencoupleA perfect way to end a memorable day. BikeendBikeendThey made it and I caught up with them just in time.

[email protected] (Lindsay Hiatt Photography) Adventure Wedding Aspen, Colorado Wedding Colorado Wedding Photography David Roche Megan Roche USA Track & Field USATF World Mountain Running Champtionships Sat, 06 Sep 2014 14:00:00 GMT