Hello there! I've been a professional photographer for over 15 years but my love of getting behind the lens started long ago in a place far, far away. My very first "major" purchase, as a young child was a camera. I remember seeing it shining like a beauty in the store and declaring that I really, really, really wanted it. I saved all I could until one day, it became a reality. After that, I started photographing everything (well except for my older sisters who were not the most willing of subjects). Whether it was our German Shepherd, the creek I loved to explore behind our house, or local models (aka my friends who would put up with me), I loved the feeling of dropping off a roll of film and waiting days (can you imagine that!) for the prints to be developed.

Throughout my childhood we moved and moved and each new "home" became a landscape which I could discover and document with my camera. After college, I continued my wanderlust before realizing that the West and Colorful Colorado was truly home. Now with two young children in tow, I still explore with them and enjoy seeing everything anew through their eyes and of course, with my camera.

Through my lens, I hope to convey the natural beauty I see everywhere. I love getting to be a part of the everyday spectacular moments– sunrise over a Colorado Rocky Mountain meadow, a family laughing and playing in the Colorado sunshine, a newborn baby's gummy grin, or a puppy soaring through the air to catch that favorite toy. It's these moments that I hope you can look back upon with joy.

As a photographer who loves the outdoors and the different light and textures it brings, I enjoy photographing you and your family where you love to live life. After all, it's life's moments that are worth capturing.

Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your special moments in time.