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A Late Summer Afternoon's Dream

November 14, 2014  •  2 Comments

As a photographer, and especially as a parent, one tends to meet a plethora of new folks. In recent years, I've met so many new parents and families and I'm usually struck by how parallel and perpendicular our lives are. That in itself reiterates just how my world is. It's full of similarities and contradictions often at the same time. Anyone with children will most likely agree that the one constant of parenthood is that things are always, ALWAYS shifting and changing. Some parents and children go with the flow, letting the day, the moments carry them along downstream— not forcing things to happen but recognizing what is happening in the moment, enjoying it and living it. You know these types. I've seen them tubing down the St. Vrain Creek in the early summer runoff. Smiling at the sun and passersby in Lyons despite the fact that they are sitting in a tube in water still ice cold from it's recent departure as snow up in the High Country. Perhaps at some point they're smiling because their bum is finally numb and they can't feel the cold. I'm not sure. 

This family is one of those families. While a temperate day was bestowed upon us, celebrating their one-year-old's birthday as well as their toddler's meant that we'd have plans yet the girls would run the show. For our photo shoot we had some ideas of what we'd like to try and where. But, ultimately they all just enjoyed the afternoon, the warmth, the sunlight and spending time together in the beauty that is the base of the Rocky Mountains. I was just lucky enough to tag along.

I had the privilege of photographing baby Maya before she was born. Yes, she was a fantastic model at her mama's maternity shoot. But, Maya had recently turned The-Big-01 and was already a capable walker and climber. I knew it would be a bit trickier to capture her and her energy this time around. However, like a seasoned veteran, she was prepared to shine for the camera. She sat in a chair, picked up a chair, sat in the dirt, went hiking on the trails in bare feet, stood in the tall grasses as the sun sank lower in the horizon, and even sported an absolutely adorable owl hat at times. A true Colorado gal just like her sister. They were so excited to play on the trails by the mountains. Perhaps she's just had a good amount of practice as her mama is a fabulous photographer herself or perhaps she was trying to show me that it is possible for a 1yr old to look at the camera when I'm trying to take a photo (um, Maya, could you please show my boys how to do this). Either way, I had a blast hanging out with the entire family. Maya and big sister Emeryn are as lovely, intelligent, thoughtful and fun as her parents and it's not surprising. When you have parents who focus on the good stuff in life: playing, laughing, living and just being, how can you have anything less than two incredible toddlers?

Happy birthday Maya!



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Gorgeous photography! Perfect Colorado day with a beautiful family!
Beautiful day and beautiful pictures!
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