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Gallivanting in Winter

February 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Isn't it amazing how nature can take an ordinary substance, freeze it, blanket your part of the earth and then just by playing in it you can instantly it be transported back in time? There is something...actually LOTS of things magical about snow. I love how it seems foreign and familiar when it first falls in autumn. I love how it can make everyone giggle and tumble and create. But I really love photographing children and families playing in the snow. The only thing better is to throw in a couple of doggie family members too! Seriously, does it get any better? Oh but it does. This special toddler had a few adorable outfits yet the one I really loved was made by his grandmother. Special doesn't even begin to describe it.

I had the good fortune of photographing this lovely family and their absolutely handsome little boy, Finley in the foothills. Seeing a toddler experience his first winter on his own two feet is pure magic. I highly suggest it. Don't have your own children? Offer to take our your niece, nephew or friend's little one. Trust me, everyone will love it! Finley's excitement over everything: snow underfoot, the dogs leaping in the air to catch snowballs, the icicles, the...EVERYTHING was contagious. Finley reminded me that nature is pretty amazing, no matter what season or temperature.

Where did Finley get such an incredible perspective at the wee age of 1? Pretty obvious: his enthusiastic parents and doggie sisters of course! It was no surprise to me that while I was thinking about my toes becoming a bit tingly at times, Finley was anything but. His parents understand that every season is a great one for exploring, adventuring and discovering. From playing impromptu hide-and-seek to doing chin-ups on the branch of a Ponderosa Pine, Finley is a young pro at enjoying our beautiful mountains. He's already covered more ground on skis and in a backpack than most do in a decade in Colorful Colorado. Finley gets to grow up in the Rockies, surrounded by family and friends who understand that enjoying time as a family outside, no matter what the temperature, is a gift. Thanks for reminding me that winter brings all things bright, beautiful, furry, cold and magical.


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