Lindsay Hiatt Photography | Sunshine and Sunflowers (Boulder Family Photography)

Sunshine and Sunflowers (Boulder Family Photography)

October 13, 2016  •  11 Comments

Zipping and spinning; twirling and charging faster than a 3 year-old. This was the light I found on a warm summer evening. Obviously it was a PERFECT light to capture three generations of awesomeness. I've been thinking for a while about how to describe these lovely folks. Should I speak of the pure love and happiness that shines through their eyes when they are chasing each other down the trail? Should I mention how my heart melted seeing two generations of sisters play and laugh together? What about how the light frolicked across the sky starting out as strong as a July morning and dipping behind the mountains like a raindrop? I think Emeryn summed it up pretty well herself when she said to her mama, "I want to stay out here forever." That, my friend, is the greatest compliment I can think of during a photoshoot: A five year-old who doesn't want it to end.

One of my favorite parts of photographing extended families is the fact that so many personalities and experiences are coming together for a moment in time and I am lucky enough to be there and preserve those memories. It's hard some days just to get your family in one spot in a reasonable amount of time (ahem...getting in the car with kiddos in the morning.) I loved seeing the how much the girls not only adore their mama and dad but their aunt and grandparents too. The light was bright and strong and made for a great challenge. We were able to get different angles and backdrops all in one spot in the matter of minutes; sort of like going to get ice cream and then realizing you can choose three flavors instead of settling on just one. 

Thank you to this incredible family for letting me capture their togetherness on a lovely evening on a mesa.


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Boulder Family Photography


Holding Hands. Grandparent and grandchildren photography

Silhouette against the rocky mountains. Boulder family photography.


My goodness, what a beautiful session! Your use of light is marvelous, gorgeous work!
Erin Witt(non-registered)
These are beautiful! I just love the light :)
The light coming over the mountains is just exquisite! Absolutely precious family photos!
Linsey Pizzurro(non-registered)
These photos are absolutely stunning!
Keziah Kelsey(non-registered)
Love the shot of the little girl running into the sun, very atmospheric
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