Lindsay Hiatt Photography | Innovators: VSI Parylene {Colorado Commercial Photography}

Innovators: VSI Parylene {Colorado Commercial Photography}

March 02, 2016  •  9 Comments

Dynamic. Over and over this word seeped into my mind. Everywhere I explored, I met talented people who love to innovate. One just couldn't help but feel the energy and verve at VSI Parylene. Having the chance to photograph a company that truly pioneers and thrives on developing solutions was such a unique opportunity.

What exactly DO you do? I asked this question and expected a canned response. Instead eyes lit up as Steve explained to me their processes, functionality and future endeavors. It was easy to see the art in the science and I tried my best to convey their passion and expertise photographically. In case like me you too are wondering what the heck is parylene and why is it amazing here is what I gathered: VSI Parylene protects valuable parts. We're talking biomedical devices, microelectronics, automotive, aerospace projects and many other applications. How? They apply parylene using a special vaporization process. Pretty amazing, right?!

I cannot say enough about how fabulous this company was to work with. They exemplify a welcoming and dynamic culture that is lacking in many other organizations and it shows in their dedication to precision and product. Thanks for letting me capture your incredible company through my lens.

Innovating your unique product with paryleneVSI Parylene technicians working in the lab.

Lab technician working on specialized parts.

Specialized processes used to coat and protect medical devices, microelectronics and more.

Parylene used as a protective coating.

Highly trained employees inspect and care for each individual part from lab to coating.



Kathy McNay(non-registered)
This one truly shows your diversity of your photography! So awesome!!
Shea McGrath(non-registered)
I love all of the detail shots! Great, clear images!
That's pretty cool that you were apart of something like that! Great images of their work.
Amanda Tipton(non-registered)
So great! Really helps tell the story of what they do.
Karen Jacot(non-registered)
Great images of science at work!
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