Lindsay Hiatt Photography | Climbing Towards the Moon at Chautauqua (Boulder Family Photography)

Climbing Towards the Moon at Chautauqua (Boulder Family Photography)

March 01, 2017  •  15 Comments

Kids are humbling. From the first moment they arrive, they are in charge. They command your presence and melt your heart even at 3:23am...and 4:15am...and 4:56am. You become a more accepting human because of your kids. After all, they have peed on you (many times), unabashedly give you their opinion of your cooking, and simultaneously perplex and stupefy you with questions at age 3 that you cannot answer without Googling. They are loving, exhausting, incredible and every emotion you can think of often at the exact same time. How cool is that!

I've had the honor of photographing this gorgeous family 3 times now and am always impressed with how marvelous they are. The fact that they've let me into their lives to document a moment in time with my camera multiple times is really a gift. To say that Magnus and Alma are smart kiddos is an understatement. I fully expect both of them to cure a communicable disease or be the first astronauts to travel to Mars well before they are 10. I'm not kidding.

But what I really love about them and their family is how honest, thoughtful and curious they are...not to mention adorable! We climbed and played on every rock we could find, ran through the meadow, and even paused momentarily for a few photos. I love how excited they were to explore everything and how encouraging, loving and spectacular their parents are. Their mama is as wise and patient as she is beautiful. And their dad was great at not only corralling the kiddos but playing with them and keeping them engaged. They are so lucky to have such fabulous parents. As a huge bonus, some of the grandparents were able to join in the fun for an afternoon I won't forget. It was great to see all three generations bring a part of themselves to the shoot as well as the family together. Watch out world, Magnus and Alma are already making an impact on everyone around them and it won't be long before the they get to the moon...or beyond.

Family Photography at Chautauqua Park in Boulder

Boulder Family Photography at Chautauqua



Deziree Dufresne(non-registered)
Love how this session was less about posed photos and more about PLAY! Looks so fun!
Bianca Malone(non-registered)
Those are some adorable family pictures!!
They're so happy! This is such a great spot for photos
These are so sweet! And I love their names!
Jennie Crate(non-registered)
Love the playful elements in these photos!
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