Boulder Foothills and Fancy-Free

June 22, 2017  •  11 Comments

That low, quiet sound. At first I couldn't place it. It appeared to be emanating from the mountains but it couldn't be...right? Once more I scanned the east face of the Rockies and squinted against the sun. Was it coming from the meadowlarks standing stately on reeds or was it some unseen creature emerging from its winter slumber? As I walked along the dirt trail and followed the tune I determined that it sounded more like a drum than beast. Finally I saw it. There among the tall spring grasses was a young woman grabbing a musical instrument while her partner played a small drum. Yes, it was the beginning of a drum circle in the mountains, and I happily knew at once that spring had arrived in Boulder. This obviously would be a wonderful spot for a family photo session...once the drums had left.

Spring here brings the red-wing blackbirds back to dive bomb you if you get close to their nest, along with chorus frogs impatiently belting out nature's song. Like every other season here, you get all types of weather imaginable, except at the end of it we have lovely green grasses and mountains for a brief time. I had eagerly been waiting for the weather to clear a bit more impatiently than the frogs. I've photographed this lovely family before, in a very different season, but this would be the first time that I would get to capture baby Cordelia as part of the household. After we were forced to reschedule our photography session twice (once for 60mph winds and once for snow), I knew certainly the third time would be the charm (or at least I was praying to the happy weather gods that it would be)

Since having children, I notice things a lot more. I notice that there seems to be a perpetual, yet hidden, magical something every time I walk into our bathroom and find it dirty mere minutes after I just cleaned. I also notice and remember the magic of the seasons in a way I hadn't since Prince's 1999 song seemed so futuristic. It is these unexpected benefits of having my little ones in the house and why I feel it is so important and photograph families in their many different seasons.

This Colorado family is busy. They are often busy working to conserve our nation's wildlands or running more than 100 miles across the West (in one day...I know...crazy, huh?). At times, Cordelia may be blissfully watching her older brother as he bikes around Boulder County or plays with something really, really exciting, like Paw Patrol characters. This Colorado crew is active, forward-thinking, always striving to help others and really, REALLY fun to hang around with. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the afternoon.

Baby Cordelia was so eager to join her fabulous family, that she joined them slightly before everyone else was ready. Already an over-achiever and eager to get moving, nothing could stop her from making her entrance into the world when she was ready. Despite her early arrival, she is healthy, happy, and absolutely adorable. Things are already looking sunny for Cordelia, and with her family by her side, her world is even brighter.

Indeed, the third time to schedule the photography session was the charm. Hooray! On an enchantingly sunny and warm spring day, we decided to meet in North Boulder. There were wide-open spaces and a nearby playground for big brother Finley to explore. As we hiked along a trail, I saw a perfect spot for a family photo. As everyone was heading over, I joked about how I always find snakes on hikes with my boys. I assured them that my snake charming abilities do not extend to hikes without my family, and big brother Finley looked a tad disappointed. No more than eight seconds later, Adam nonchalantly informs me that a snake just slithered past him. Now please do not blame me nor send me photos for snake identification (it's probably a rattler, garter or bull snake so just pick one and go with it), as we were after all in the foothills among the tall spring grasses. In other words we were in their habitat and we knew that, which is why we were extra careful about where we stepped. I'm pretty sure the snake was just giving us a springtime hello and perhaps wanted to be photographed as well. But we let the reptile be and he/she continued on to greener pastures.

It was apparent from the instant we started how much this family adores their kiddos, and the way both kids looked so happy with their parents would make even a snake's heart melt. Alison and Adam are both wonderful examples of positivity and encouragement, and I'm excited for their children to grow up learning from that and adding this mindset to our world.

The rest of the photo session was free from unexpected surprises and drum circles and the light continued to become even more captivating as the afternoon waned. I could not have asked for a more lovely family on a perfectly lovely afternoon. Next time Adam, I promise no snakes (but we may need to meet inside your house just in case).







Jamie Kraus(non-registered)
Wow, beautifully written and great photos too. I love your story of springtime in Boulder.
What cuties! I love that shot of Dad and baby!
Sunshine Lump(non-registered)
Such sweet family photos and what a great location!
Mia Harlow(non-registered)
Your writing gave me chills! And these photos are precious!
Kristin Christian(non-registered)
Love the sibling picture!
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