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Fairy Tales & Boulder Family Photography

January 24, 2018  •  8 Comments

Boulder Family Photography with TeenagersA family with teenagers for a portrait session in Boulder, Colorado

It is always the wind. More than the sun or snow; it is the wind. That almost ever-present force of nature. Giving me beautiful shapes and movement to capture. The wind is not a wild horse. It cannot be tamed or trained. It is unruly, beautiful, powerful and sudden. Much like humans and some may say much like children even as those children get closer to adults and far, seemingly lightning years away from that newborn stage.

I remember being a teenager, it wasn't that far, far away. It was just last century. What I remember most was how visceral everything was. Not just for me but for everyone in my world. I cannot imagine what it is like today with social media. I do know that teens in this century must navigate the storms and sunshine with much more intelligence and forethought than we did and for that they have my admiration.

As I met this family of four on that windy and crisp November afternoon, the first thing that I remember was how excited I was that they met me here. Here, up on a beautiful mesa with the Colorado Rockies not too far away. Many families make sure that those first years are documented but as kiddos and responsibilities grow, it gets harder to capture these moments in front of a camera (that isn't immediately on Instagram). I love this family and I love that they let me peek into the awesomeness that is them.

In fairy tales there are stories to tell and in real life too. I hope in these photos you can see the twins, together as sisters and with their unique personalities. They are intelligent, and radiate both inner and outer beauty. I hope you see their Mama, so wise, patient, kind and full of gifts. And their dad, who has a wonderful and hilarious presence and had a great attitude about everything during the session.
They could all be in a fairy tale. Each one is beautiful, funny and capable of the extraordinary on an ordinary day. But thankfully for us, they are real and as their stories continue to unfold these next few years, I hope I can capture them again for a few moments on a not quite so windy but just as beautiful day.


Haley Allen(non-registered)
What a beautiful family session! I have identical twin girls and it makes me look forward to the future!
What a beautiful family! You captured them wonderfully!
Maddie Mae(non-registered)
Ahhh I love this!!! So much!! These are great great photos.
What a beautiful family! I love these photos!
I love those mountains! And these images will be cherished forever I’m sure!!
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