Lindsay Hiatt Photography | Stella by Starlight: Boulder Fresh 48 Session

Stella by Starlight: Boulder Fresh 48 Session

March 08, 2018  •  13 Comments


Stella was born by starlight in the early hours of what was to be a warm and bright, sun-drenched day. Being able to photograph this spectacular family getting to know one another a mere six hours from when she was welcomed into the world was a gift. It was a day that will always bring joy and warmth to my heart.

Walking up the very steps that I had taken four years ago (but in a very different way) was familiar. My son was born here and to be back seeing the newborn experience through a different lens was thrilling. Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville, Colorado gives new mamas and their families such a supportive and welcoming space that it was hard not to tear up remembering my experience while thinking of the excitement for this new little one (okay...I definitely did tear up).

Stella's family isn't just any family. I honestly think of them as extended family (without the actual family connection). I've been honored to photograph this family for previous sessions, including their older daughter's adorable 1st birthday session. I was over the moon to be asked to photograph them all at the hospital on the day Baby Stella was born. There was so much love emanating from everyone that it was not surprising to see how calm and peaceful Stella was. She knew her family rocked from the moment they held her in their arms. Stella's mama was so strong, beautiful and welcoming that more than once the thought popped into my mind: How in the world did she literally JUST have a baby? And Stella's dad was just as full of love and admiration for his newest, littlest love. Stella has a good thing going on with her family and she seemed to know it. Photographing a NEW newborn is literally a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That morning, Stella saw her parents for the first time, met her mama's mama and fell in love with her forever best friend and older sister Lilah. That newness and everything about it may fade but hopefully these photographs will keep those memories of the first few hours of her life warm in the family's hearts and minds. Thank you, THANK YOU for welcoming me and allowing me to capture Stella on the day she was born.


What a beautiful family! How amazing that you get to capture such wonderful memories for them!
Savannah Chandler(non-registered)
What a sweet fresh newborn session. I love the beautiful light coming in at this hospital.
Precious babe! These are so so sweet. I love the ones with the big sister :) Great job!
Such sweet moments you captured. Beautiful!
Christina Gonzales(non-registered)
Beautiful images and what a wonderful way for the family to cherish bringing another baby into their family! Welcome earthside Stella!
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