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Home on the Front Range: Grow & Gather Design

April 18, 2018  •  11 Comments

Grow & Gather DesignA landscape design project near Boulder, Colorado

Beyond the flowing waters of the St. Vrain in the town of Lyons, Colorado lies a house. Yes a home on the range...the Front Range. Here, where bears and mountain lions play and laughter and music float down the river all summer long. A house whose front yard has undergone a metamorphosis. Once it was merely a patch to walk by but now, it is a setting to pause at. It has changed my perception as to what a front yard could be. This space has transformed into a natural playground where the entire family can play and garden. For a hobby that can often be wild and unwieldy, now the garden has order, space and beauty. Thanks to the expert landscape design of Becca Robinson with Grow & Gather Design, it is now a place for kiddos to grow and gather their own bounty, and a spot where chickens can roam freely (as long as the mountain lions and critters aren't too near).

Becca has a passion, the knowledge, and ability to help you transform your yard or public spaces of all sizes into a place filled with joy and life. By using science as well as artistic design, she creates an oasis of nature and beauty. Form AND function from concept to natural wonder. After seeing her transformation in person I was enchanted...and immediately began dreaming of a transformation for my own yard. Her landscape designs have captivated cities and private homeowners from Kitchener, Ontario (where Grow & Gather Design resides) to the foothills of Boulder County, Colorado.

As I wandered around the circular centerpiece, I noticed so much life around me. The flowers were abuzz with bees; the children were busy watering and searching for frogs and the vines climbed high towards the summer sunshine. As the breeze shook petals and chickens strolled, I thought of how beautiful it all was and what a stunning backdrop it made for photos of chickens... and a family growing and gathering out in their own spot of nature together.


I love all of these photos! They make me want to visit!
Incredible photography! Wow!
Kate Z(non-registered)
I love it! What a lovely tribute you've written, thanks! Buffy the chicken says thanks too!
These images are beautiful! I want to spend a whole day there!
Eeeeeee! All these pictures are making me so excited for gardening season! Those tomatoes look so yummy!!!!!!
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