Lindsay Hiatt Photography | Spring Gulch Jamboree

Spring Gulch Jamboree

November 25, 2015  •  12 Comments

When I was contacted about doing family photos for this lovely bunch I didn't hesitate with my response: YES! Do you realize there will be eight adults and six children under five? I was assured by Kate that after this session I'd race to my computer and write a blog entitled, "Why I no longer shoot family portraits." But alas, this was not to be. You see, when you start with an incredible family, you can't help but love the images and experience.

As a photographer there is only so much one can do. You can take a photograph and edit it to adjust the colors, saturation, light and shadows but the essence of what you capture in that moment greatly depends on the subject. The subjects I met at a mountain hideaway nestled between boulder outcroppings and prime mountain lion habitat, were perfect. Perfect in that they were joyful, energetic, kind and loud...and then there were their children too. This was my kind of extended family. The light outside was warm and bright but the light in everyone's spirit was enchanting.

I first met some of the older kiddos (by older I mean speaking in complete paragraphs but not yet ready for formal education) and we looked at some of the rocks around the land. I picked up one to share and excitedly told them to check out this lovely, shiny one. That's quartz the four year-old told me in a matter-of-fact and informing way like the scientist she is already. Intelligent doesn't even begin to describe all of these kids. I promise, in a few years when they all get together for a holiday, I'm going to get a call indicating they have come up with solutions to issues such as climate change and creating world peace.

Then there were the parents and grandparents— talent oozing from their pores. Each of them involved in businesses and issues that are helping make the world and everyone in it better. They did a smashing job of wrangling kiddos, keeping composure and somehow convincing them that it was okay to let this strange woman with a camera follow them around.

As if their personalities weren't all fabulous enough, every single one of them was photogenic. These are not tall tales I tell. I quickly realized that I had hit the mother lode for family photography: a stunning multi-generational family, glorious light, bang-up personalities, and a locale in the mountains of Colorado. As with any shoot there were variables. There was loudness and laughter, hiking, jumping, chaos, and so much love between all of them. I am truly thankful to have been there to capture for a moment in time, a lovely family being extraordinarly themselves. 




Kathy McNay(non-registered)
Can't wait to see what this family accomplishes!! Beautiful photos of this family of 14!
Kate Zalzal(non-registered)
Love this! Thanks so much Lindsay, this is such a treasure for our family!
You did such a great job! I bet it took some serious work to get six kiddos under 5 excited for photos. This family is going to love these for years to come!
Great images and good job on the group shots, solid posing, and adorable kiddos!
Kayla Scott(non-registered)
Love the moments you captured in this session!
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