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July 23, 2015  •  10 Comments

He buzzed by me so quickly I almost dropped my camera. After a few seconds, he circled round and once again I felt the breeze. Thankfully I brought my fastest lenses with me. I checked my camera, and was elated to see I had captured this herbivore at lightening speed. Was I hidden between the sandstone and the sage hoping to photograph a pronghorn? Well that would be a welcome scene...but no, this wasn't any of Colorado's wild beasts. I was crouched amongst the arnica and aster to capture someone who truly thrives in and with nature.

When I first learned about Aaron Stuber I was impressed. This guy's goal is to help all of us live better. He is one of the rare breed that wants to genuinely make the world (and specifically you) better and healthier. His background is based on science but his passion is all heart. As a cardiovascular nurse he sees daily, the impact of choices and habits on one's health. It wasn't long before Aaron saw how our current healthcare system is broken in terms of prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Being the stellar guy that he is, instead of lamenting this issue he decided to become a part of the solution. Aaron is the founder of the Plant-Based RN, a health coaching and consulting business focusing on plant-based nutrition, exercise and stress reduction to help people live free of disabling chronic illness and dependence on medication. When I originally spoke with Aaron I asked him what he really hopes to achieve and he said he hopes to guide his clients so that they can THRIVE. Pretty phenomenal idea. He is knowledgeable and supportive and would be a great coach for anyone wanting to finally make those lifestyle changes that will positively impact your health and wellness.

As we all know change within isn't something that occurs instantaneously so he is available to assist and support clients as long as needed. I've heard it said that Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are lifestyle changes. One thing that really struck me was how Aaron realizes that one of the ways you can really achieve success is by focusing on the why and the psychology of why we make our current choices and behaviors. If you know the true meaning behind what you currently do and how to move forward from the inside out, you are much more apt to achieve your goals. Holistic is whole and Aaron really focuses on this.

When Aaron isn't running around Boulder Community Hospital as a cardiovascular nurse and running his business, you can find him in the backcountry and trails of Boulder County training. As a competitive ultra runner he voluntarily, yes voluntarily runs 25, 30+ miles AT ONE TIME! He is currently sponsored by both Beyond Meat and Skoop. Recently, Aaron completed his first 50 miler while injured and placed 17th overall. I have been a runner for two decades now yet I promise you there is no way I could run or walk 50 miles, let alone with an Achilles injury. His race through Bryce Canyon was absolutely epic and I encourage anyone who wants to know what it's like to complete an ultra to read his fabulous race report.

It's hard to not be inspired in the mountains for they don't need to shout out "Hey look at me! I'm a mountain! I've been here for thousands of years! Aren't I amazing?" It just is and you know it. Anytime I get the opportunity to photograph in our beautiful state I am thankful and renewed. And when I get to share that experience with others who are out there wanting to help us all, it makes the time beneath the Colorado blue skies even sweeter.

After some shots amid the pines and aspen, we headed to the Boulder Farmers' Market where I had to remind myself on numerous occasions that I was there to photograph, not eat buy all of the amazing offerings. Here Aaron and a client met to learn more about what greens and vegetables available locally will help sustain you and pack a nutritional punch. It was such a great experience to see and I learned a lot in between shutter clicks.

Aaron and his beautiful wife Allison are currently awaiting the arrival of their first baby any day now. I expect to see this new little one out on the trails, thriving very soon. Best of luck to the entire family!

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Julia Morgan(non-registered)
What a neat story, and such great images to tie it all together! Nice job Lindsay :)
Taylor Fisher(non-registered)
What a fun shoot! Way to use that lighting, girl!
Very fun images!
Lindsay Hiatt Photography
Thank you for the comments! It was a really fun shoot with a great subject. And I agree, the hat was pretty fabulous as well :-)
Kathy Nelson(non-registered)
Love love love them all!!! fabulous work. especially love the Hat!! Ha!!!
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