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June 11, 2015  •  5 Comments

If you live in Colorado, I don't need to remind you that this spring has been waterlogged. We all know this and have felt it in our core. Sometimes, just as the sun finally burned through the thick, thick clouds, the raindrops returned. I'm not so sure that this ensuing deluge was in fact rain. I do believe that it was the tears of many Coloradans that had re-seeded the clouds above and then returned to the earth. We sure do love our sunshine here and while most of us are thrilled that there are not yet fire bans in place, the majority are delighted as am I to see the sun's rays enveloping the Front Range once again.

In the crux of it all, I found an oasis. Of course it was in the desert. Nothing could be farther from the erratic skies of the Rockies than a riparian habitat amongst the Arizona desert. Here I found blooming succulents, geckos darting out from under scrub brush and even a speedy roadrunner. Yes an actual roadrunner! In an actual desert! A bit different from the usual prairie dogs we have here. My excitement upon finding one was tangible.

But it wasn't all agave and cacti for me. I found another desert gem. A lovely family to photograph in the springtime air. Payton and Taylor are exactly what young gals should be. They are intelligent, boisterous, fearless and above all, passionate about experiencing life. As we were meandering through the shaded paths, Payton never hesitated to tell me exactly what she thought I should photograph and where. A few steps behind, Taylor eased along the trails stopping to notice every insect, flower and time I tried to sneak my camera lens near her. The girls were lovely, adventurous, positively adorable and strikingly similar to their gorgeous mama. They are hilarious and fun to be around, just like their mama too. Hmmmm, I think they really are just like their mama and that's a pretty great thing. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a warm, spring morning. Whenever you are out in Colorado, let me know! I'd like Payton's assistance for some landscape shots and need to get their equally incredible dad in some photos next time around.

  VeteransOasisParkFamily Portrait Photography Session in Chandler, Arizona. DesertSmileChildren's Portraits at Veteran's Oasis Park, Chandler, AZ

ArizonaSisters Sisters watching for ducks in an Arizona oasis AZCloseupToddler portraits in Arizona. ChandlerAZPortraitPhotographyInspecting the flora and fauna in the desert shade. DesertSmileSmiling in the desert during a family portrait shoot in Chandler, AZ. FamilyPortraitChandlerAZFamily Portrait session at Veteran's Oasis Park in Chandler, Arizona.



Kathy McNay(non-registered)
Pure sweetness so beautifully captured!
Very sweet!
Beautiful coverage! Loved your story at the top :)
Adorable shots! I am an AZ girl:-) Love Colorado but miss the desert for much of the year!
Cute shoot! I am a huge desert fan!
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