Lindsay Hiatt Photography | Earth, Wind, & Sky Fire (Boulder Family Photography)

Earth, Wind, & Sky Fire (Boulder Family Photography)

October 04, 2017  •  10 Comments

Once upon a time not too long ago, the wind whipped down over the mountains, and the sun shone brightly as it danced between the clouds. The light beams jumped in on the game and changed colors, as if to say it could be a rainbow without the rain or bow. And the Earth had so much energy, movement, and life that you could feel it. You could feel it so much that it ALMOST knocked you over. And it did pop that giant balloon and it did blow a bit too much life into our hair at times, but it felt great! Through it all, a little gal walked and laughed and looked at sunflowers with the inquisitive nature that only a one year-old can have. All of these things put together with two of the most loving, and wonderful, parents I've ever known resulted in a photo session that I will remember and cherish for a long, long time.


Little Liliana had just turned one and seemed to know it. Even though the wind was too strong at times for the nearby wind turbines to run, she took control of the evening, exploring and adventuring in the wind like and old pro of perhaps age 4. Whether she was sitting in her grandma's chair among the native Colorado grasses or flying in between her parents, she was living in the moment and I was loving it. The way her mama and dad could make her giggle with delight made my heart melt even as the sun dipped lower behind the Rocky Mountains.

Liliana is a lady on a mission and knows what she wants. And this is AWESOME. Although she had only recently taken her first steps, the 30-40mph winds were simply an accessory to work with and she turned into wind to walk closer to a flower that had captured her attention. She is beyond adorable and loved so very much, not just by her incredible parents but by her incredible extended family as well. With love on her side, and passion in her heart, this little one WILL go places in life. A huge thank you to her parents, who not only braved a late evening to capture the sunset, but for also braving the elements and going along for the ride the wind took us on. When you mix a magically wonderful family with sublime light, you get one enchanted evening.


What a cutie-patootie! Fun and adorable family session!
What an adorable little girl! A beautiful family, and perfectly captured.
Whitney Milton Films(non-registered)
Oh what a cute little girl. I Love that little hat! haha SO precious!
That sky!! And she is such a cutie! Beautiful pics!
Julie Livermore(non-registered)
Love your storytelling both in words and images! That last image is amazing...hope they hang it huge!
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